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Music Links

Live Acoustic Music 24/7    Kulaks Woodshed
Den's Oldies Lyrics Page - The name says it all
Mudcat Cafe - Blues and Folk Music site
Annies Place - 50's and 60's Tunes (award winning site) 
The Studio Club - Listen to live and archived shows over the net
The Blueflame Cafe - Another great site for music lovers
LiveConcerts.com - Live broadcasts and music info
The Baked Potato -  Legendary Hollywood Jazz Club I play at
Kerrville-The coolest collection of music fiends yearly, near Austin,Tx 
Songs.com - Many artists, known and yet to be known
Lil'Hanks Guide for Songwriters places to play around here, with maps
Artists and Authors
Laurence Gonzales Afavorite writer & award winning too.
Jim Talmadge  His whole life is a rain streaked riot of painting 
Johnny Compton His first album 30 years ago was produced by Al Kooper on Columbia. His new one is even more beautiful.
Carolyn Hester  A founding mother of folk/pop in the 60's. First to have Bob Dylan playing harmonica on her album.
John Gilbert  Silent film star, my grandfather
Tom Waits  need I say more
         KCRW interview  March 31,1998 
         KCRW interview  Jan.2,1998 
Susan ToneyThis woman is shockingly listenable.go there 
Betty EldersI met Betty in Austin, Her songs are her jewelry
Paul Arnoldi Paul is a living archive of songs beautifully sung
Eliza Gilkyson!!!
David Prior  up and coming filmmaker
The Buzzwell Group... family brilliance

Web Resources
3D Graphics  - A world of pictures
Digital Weave - Check it out  !!! 
Liminal Media - They produce great websites
Sing Out! magazine30 years of folk music and interviews
 Biblical  Mystery Tour     ("get back Loretta".....)
 The Missler Report
Archived Radio about the origins of the world and her ultimate destiny
Reine's Reading Room
World wide news papers, references, magazines, signs o' the times

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