Songs for forever
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"it's way too late for fooling around,
it's so dark outside, we all fall down"

    I would like to welcome everyone to my web site featuring my CD "Breathe." . I hope that you  will continue to come back and visit me occasionally, for new songs and shows. I keep running into long lost friends stumbling over my name somewhere on the web. This is very cool, I encourage y'all do say hi, you can e-mail me from the bottom of almost every page. If you're from SongwriterWebRing, welcome from a stranger, come on in, skip around.  Try going to the 'listen' button and put on a song to accompany you as you explore the pictures.


Some of the drawings and paintings you encounter will lead you to other pages  if you click on them. Eventually they will include some of my notorious family history (movie stars, masons, mormons, slaughter, vaudville,...), more of my art work, art work of friends, breathtaking photographs, plus the full color 14 page booklet that comes with my CD and includes all the lyrics of my songs. (almost ready...)

I'm also maintaining a  links page  of places I've found in my travels through web world that rocked my boat one way or another. (If you want to share any of yours with me, please do,.
 Last fall I  hosted the COFFEEHOUSE FOLKSHOW on  Nov.9th  at Club Danza , sponcered by, and featuring the inimitable and blazing talents of  Eliza Gilkison, the classic and  legendary  Carolyn Hester and Paul Arnoldi, who wrote "One Note Man" (covered by the Young Bloods) a few years back. All three artists have current CD's  (you can get  to their  web site's  from my links page.)  Sa Su Weh, a native American writer and film producer read from his collected poems titled ' Blood Earth'. What an amazing line up. I did a few tunes too.
Since then I've opened for John Andrews Parks at the Gig in Santa Monica. Chad Watson accompanied me on bass and the evening was amazing. Severin Brown played a set with James Coberly Smith and were both spellbinding, really. Robert Morgan Fisher graced the stage, and we all played 'stoke the campfire' which took off blazing when Mr . Parks led Chris Spedding,Chad Watson andJohn Molo through a passionet, outside, e ticket ride. He calls themselves, CORNBREAD BUDDAH. They are appearing at Lunarias on Thursday August 12 ( check it out in full at '' on my links page )
These past few and next few weeks, I'm playing at Lunarias also on Santa Monica Blvd at Beverly Glen in Century City on Wednesday evenings after 10:pm. The club is elegant and beautiful and serves excellent food. 

If you live in Southern California....come see me on Friday nights at the Lucy Florence Coffeehouse from 10 till closing. I play with a fine guitar man from North Carolina, Rick Keen, and assorted friends. The club is owned by 6 foot plus identical twins with a passion for the creative arts and therefore the place is draped in awsome ambiance. You ought to come by.


I  have a hard time talking about here is some stuff other people have said about me and my music, plus a fanciful short bio I wrote and some of the people I have been flat out blessed to work with:

        "  Lorin Hart comes from a long line of lawyers, fisherman, actors, painters, artillery captains, patriots, pioneers, soldiers, and runaways. Her handsome father collided briefly with her poetic mother in and around the great metropolitan theaters long enough to contribute to the arts their insightful, darkly brilliant, singer-songwriter siren, Lorin Hart". ( Chad wrote that)
         "  She was born in Providence R.I. and raised in Greenwich Village and Greenwich,Connecticut( after an initial globe trot to the British Isles on her mothers hip where she bounced about by Brendan Behan and the like).  She was educated in the finest schools, cut her  musical teeth on her  mother's opera, guitar playing boyfriends, the Newport Folk Festivals and Greenwich Village basket houses. She was delivered onto Northwestern University's campus right at the heart of the 60's, subsequently transferred to Haight Ashbury,  immediately married a musician and had three of four kids travelling all the heck over everywhere in a hand painted (forest green) panel van earned doing a 'B' movie in Cocunut Grove Florida. (and that's another story) She clearly  remembers  bits of Cambridge Mass., Roanoke, Virginia,  East Village New York, Fayetteville Arkansas and Stowe Massachusetts. She was  finally dragged, kicking and screaming, to Los Angeles, where she sadly divorced her husband of 12 years 's , had her fourth child  and has been loitering ever since, writing stuff the whole way..  " ( I wrote that)
          " Ten years on the LA club scene and coffeehouse circuit have seasoned her into the sultry, commanding entertainer who can count as her friends and fans the likes of Tom Waits, Hal Blaine, and Traveling Wilbury drummer, Jim Keltner. (All three legends were involved in Lorin's most recent CD.) Her ability to weave original poetry into various formats: blues, folk, jazz, and country western, has endeared her to music lovers of all ages. Comparison roulette has found others describing her as a cross between apples and oranges.  " (I forget exactly who wrote that, it wasn't me.) 

       Lorin  has opened for Billy Swan, Chris Spedding,Chris Montez, among others. Lorin sings alone with her guitar, with a small group, or a full tilt band. "Whatever the setting, it is the words of her music that you want to listen to. She most defiantly has something to say. " ( this was out of some newspaper)

Lately I'm playing at THE BAKED POTATO and LUNARIA and LUCY FLORENCE COFFEEHOUSE(see schedual page for details)



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