Ordering Information:

Order through Dealers:

  • Pacific Front Hobbies
  • Colpar Hobbies
  • Commander's Series Models
  • Snyder & Short Enterprises, PMB 224, 9175 Kiefer Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95826
  • Commander's Series Models
  • Great Adventures Hobby, Inc., 5741 Chestnut Hill, Clarkston, Michigan 48346, e-mail: greatadhobby@aol.com

  • Modelship, e-mail:modelship@modelship.com.tw, phone:0922-832116, Blog:http://blog.roodo.com/duroyal420/

  • Fleetnet, 1-12-3 B Shinsaku Takatsuku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawaken, 213-0014 JAPAN, email:info@fleetnet.jp
  • Hobbyland, 4-8-6 Chuoku Hommachi, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan, 541-0053

  • BMK, Hinter der Bahn 1a, 37127 Dransfeld, Germany

    Order Direct:

  • Write check or money order out to David Angelo for LCP EAST kits
  • Write check or money order out to Hugh Letterly for LCP WEST kits
  • See main page to determine if kit is LCP EAST or LCP WEST
  • Shipping is $6.00 for one kit. Get a quote from Hugh or David for more than one kit.
  • Add up price(s) of kits and shipping. That is the amount to write the check for.
  • See David or Hugh's page below for address to send check to. Be sure to include your shipping address.

  • For ordering information Hugh Letterly's kits (LCP WEST) follow this link to Hugh's Page
  • For ordering information David Angelo's kits (LCP EAST) follow this link to David's Page

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