The CASABLANCA CLASS CVE kit has been brought back to the 1/700 scale model market by a cooperative effort between Loose Cannon Productions, Tom's Modelworks, and Nautilus Models. The kit consists of a resin hull, laser-etched flight deck, resin detail parts, and photoetch. Planes are not included.
The kit is cast in a soft styrene-like gray resin. Two piece molds were used to make the castings, so there is no overpour to sand away. Casablanca Class CVE's served in both the Atlantic and Pacific as part of U-Boat hunter-killer groups, as an aircraft ferry, and in support of landing operations. They are probably most famous for their action at the battle of Samar in OCtober 1944. These ships generally carried Fm-2 Wildcats and TBM Avengers, but ferried many different types of aircraft, so they could be completed with a deck load of P-51's, P-47's, or P-38's just as easily.

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