Kit #55 - C-1 Cargo Ship and Trawler

Specifications: Displacement 2,382 t.(lt) 7,540 t.(fl); Length 388' 8"; Beam 50'; Draft 21' 1"; Speed 11.5kts; Propulsion, diesel, single screw, 1,700shp.

Thanks to Bill Smallshaw and A. D. Baker for their invaluable information.

References: United States Naval Vessels; Samuel Loring Morison; Schiffer Military History
The C1-M-AV1 type became part of the Maritime Commision program in the third wave of ship building expansion. The type was designed to fill the need for inter-island transport from smaller harbors in the Pacific theater of operations. The initial order for the C1-M-AV1 was placed for 100 vessels in late 1943.
The U.S. Navy soon requested that the order be raised to 200 vessels. In all ten shipyards constructed the C1-M-AV1. A total of 326 were authorized however only 239 were delivered. Of this 65 were completed as the U.S. Navyís Alamosa class attack transports.
Subsequent to the war these vessels were converted for a number of maritime tasks: ore carriers, barges, mobile power plants, dredging barges, fish processing plants and LNG carriers. One of the more unique conversions was as a mobile offshore drilling ship.
This ship type had three holds forward and a refrigerated hold aft. Most accommodations were located aft, with the workshops and stores on the second deck. The crews quarters, galley and messroom were on the main deck. The officers quarters, galley and generator room were located on the poop deck. The superstructure deck contained the Captains quarters, radio and gyro rooms. The carpenters shop and boatswains stores were located in the forecastle.
Marengo (AK-194) was laid down under a Maritime Commission contract by Walter Butler Shipbuilders Inc., Superior, Wis., 4 July 1944; launched 4 December 1944; aquired by the Navy at New Orleans 24 August 1945; placed in service the same day for ferring from Beaumont to Galveston, Tex.; placed out of service on arrival the 29th; and commissioned 21 September.
The end of World War II reduced the need for cargo ships, so Marengo decommissioned 23 November and was transferred to WSA the same day. The ship was subsequently operated by North Atlantic & Gulf Steamship Co., under the name Coastal Spartan.

Kit Construction:

  • In addition to the kit you may want a set of etched brass railings with ladders. Loose Cannon recommends Gold Medal Models, Tomís Modelworks or White Ensign Models.
  • Some extra parts are provided in the kit.

    Painting: Loose Cannon recommends the following Colorcoats paint:

  • C 02 Matt Black- Hull
  • US 16 Deck Green 20G- Deck
  • RN 10 Royal Navy White- Superstructure and masts
  • RM 06 Giallo Verde [Light Yellow-Green]- Stack
  • RM 08 Rosso [Red]- Band around Stack
  • Trawler: Very colorfull and weathered wood decks and masts

    C-1 Above, Trawler below

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