Kit #48: LCI(L) 1-350 US

Landing Craft Infantry Large, a colabration of the British and United States Military to provide a landing craft for seaborn invasions.
Too late for the North African and Guadalcanal landings LCI(L)s were used throughout the Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean landings and were considered a very usefull craft and modified to perform a wide variety of duties.
The LCI(L)s 1-350 were distinguished by the square conning tower in contrast to the round conning tower of the latter series.
LCI(L) 1-350 (US) kit consists of two resin hulls and parts & instructions.
The kit is cast in a soft styrene-like gray resin and will produce two ships.
Two piece molds were used to make the castings, so there is no overpour to sand away. The kit assembles like an injection molded kit.

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