Kit #28: LCT-5

Developed from a British design, the LCT-5 was origionly designated as a Yard Tank Lighter [YTL]. It has the capacity of five 30-ton up to three 50-ton tanks or nine trucks. Three watertight sections that were carried disassembled on decks of larger ships or carried assembled on a LST deck were methods of transporting these craft. Four tankers were fitted with 160 ton cranes to hoist LCTs onto LSTs. The first of this craft did not have 20mm guns untill later in the production run. This craft is full hull so that it may fit on LST decks. There are two craft in the kit that is molded in light gray. The bow ramp is molded as a separate piece with the option of being up or down.

The LCT-5 kit consists of two resin hulls and parts & instructions. The kit is cast in a soft styrene-like gray resin and will produce two ships. The kit assembles like an injection molded kit.

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