This class was a prewar design intended by the U.S. Shipping Board to be mass produced for WWI service. None were completed in time for war service, but 21 of the original design were completed post war. All were built by the Chester Shipbuilding Co. of Philadelphia. There were some differences, as requested by the individual owners. A further 62 were built to a standard design by various U.S. builders. The largest group by Merchant Ship building Corp. of Harriman Pa, which gave the class it's nickname. Three ships, NAAMOK, WATERBURY, DELANSON, were converted to passenger freighters for Export Steamship Lines and renamed EXARCH, EXCELSIOR, and EXILONA. All three were lost in WWII, U boats got two, and one was sunk by Japanese surface ships in the Bay of Bengal. Another 37 were scrapped or lost thru accident prior to 1939. The remaining ships all served in WWII, generally armed with a 5" 51 on the stern and floater rafts slung from the mast shrouds. A few were also given 20MM cannon on platforms alongside the funnels. 15 were sunk during the war, and most of the rest scrapped shortly thereafter. Three ships were still in service as late as 1962.


  • 418' length overall
  • 52' beam
  • 32' depth of hold (depth of hold is the measure from the bottom of the main deck to the top of the lower platform or tank top)

    The kit has alternate parts and markings so it can be built as either passenger freighter, standard freighter , or the WWII Armed version. Also included is a full color painting guide for all 3 versions of the kit, plus the usual extensive Photo etch fret with tackle for the cargo booms included. The kit consists of cast resin hull & parts, PE Fret, Decals, instructions, and brass rod for cargo booms.

    The HARRIMAN kit consists of a resin hull and parts, an etched brass fret & instructions. The kit is cast in a soft styrene-like gray. A one piece mold was used to make the castings, so there is a slight overpour to sand away. The kit assembles like an injection molded kit.

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