The set consists of several different barges. There is a covered storage barge (not shown) that has a load of boxes, cans, and other clutter. It includes a separate cover that can left off if you need an open barge. The cover is of the type that has several doors in the roof. This makes it easier to load and unload from a ship.
There is also a gondola type barge that is used to pile waste into. These are like the kind you see tied up along ships undergoing refits. The are usually full of scrap metal and and other unwanted equipment cut off of the ship.
Power Barge - A power barge was necessary to provide power to the ship when the repairs necessitated the shutting down of the ships boilers.
Machine Shop Barge - The machine shop barge brought a fully equipped shop to fabricate repair parts right to the source.
Large Modern Crane Barge - A Photo etch sheet is included that has the tower and boom for the massive crane barge.
As a bonus the kit also includes two WW II era 173' US Sub Chasers. These are typical of the one that patrols the shores of the continental USA during the second world war. These are pretty extensive kits for their size with separate superstructure and Photo etch included. Rigging and hooks are all provided as well as railings and ladders. There are also depth charge racks and other parts for the sub chaser.

The BARGE SET (WWII ERA USN BARGES) kit consists of a resin hull and parts & instructions. The kit is cast in a soft styrene-like gray. Two piece molds were used to make the castings, so there is no overpour to sand away. The kit assembles like an injection molded kit. Each barge is based on photos from U.S. Navy WW II harbor photographs such as this one showing a power barge.

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