Box Art
The Lyons Creek is the WWII civilian version of the T-2 Tanker. The kit consists of a resin hull and parts with a large brass photo etch sheet & instructions. The parts are cast in a soft styrene-like gray resin. Two-piece molds were used to make the castings; so there is no over pour to sand away. The kit assembles like an injection molded kit and is based on drawings of the T-2 as built with many details taken from photographs and the watercolor painting shown on the box. This was a contemporary painting done by a Lyons Creek crewmember Jim Burnett, and used with the permission of his grandson. The kit is complete; all the modeler need add is glue & paint. The hull is about 8 inches long, modeled low to the water, as the ship would appear when fully loaded. Deck details such as hatches, bollards, winches and piping are cast onto the hull. The Brass PE fret has railings, catwalks, supports for the various platforms, 20MM gun shields, tackle for the cargo booms, and boat davits. Also included is a sprue of palletized items and four 80-foot Elco PT boats as deck cargo. Complete assembly & painting instructions are also included.
The photoetch brass set for the T-2 tanker is also available seperately for $10.00. For ordering information on the Lyons Creek T-2 Tanker kit ($65.00) and T-2 photoetch ($10.00) follow this link to David's Page or to browse some more Return to Loose Cannon Productions Civillian Ship Kits Page