Kenny H. Hoang

Kenny has been an IPMS plastic model builder for over 20 years, specializing in ship building since the waterline series appeared in the late 1970's, but can custom build just about anything (armor, plane, or cars). Kenny won his first contest in 1982. Lately, Kenny started working on some wood ships since becoming a member of a local wood ship group as well as being the Loose Cannon test builder for their new resin products in Denver.

Kenny's motto in modeling is "accuracy and precision detailing", in particular working with the 1/700 scale range of brass photo-etching and after market products. Kenny was a mechanical and architectural draftman back in 1980 so he is accustomed to hand painting minute and tiny details in a very limited space on every ship model, but that's the magic of it.

LINKS: Links to some of Kenny's works:

  • USGG Eastwind by Kenny Hoang
  • T-2 Tanker by Kenny Hoang
  • Victory Ship by Kenny Hoang

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