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Submissions Guidelines

At this time we are considering only graduate level thesis work and children's novels. Queries should be submitted by email to the editor.

Send queries to

Claudia Pearson, Editor
Look Again Press

- Literary Analysis of Children's Books should be submitted in MLA format, although the final copy will not be in MLA format. Only papers receiving a grade of A or winning a graduate paper competition should be submitted.

- Cover letters should be no longer than one page.

- Synopsis should be no longer than one page.

- If a hardcopy is requested, use white 8.5x11 paper.

- Type in standard font style. 

- In the upper left corner of the first manuscript page provide your name, address, email, and telephone number and the word count of your text. On each subsequent page include a header with your name, the paper/story and chapter titles, and the date submitted.

- Begin each new chapter on a separate page.

- Do not submit illustrations unless you are an illustrator and wish to illustrate your own cover, in which case you may submit an illustration sample. Do NOT send original art.

We try to respond to all submissions promptly.

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