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Look Again Press is a small, independent ebook publisher specializing in books about children's books and reading, and books for young readers. Check back often to see what's new!

Our list consists of innovative approaches to the analysis of children's literature, and children's books which resonate with readers. We hope to publish three to five books a year.

We apologize that our ebooks are no longer available from Amazon due to the initiation of Amazon's book loan program. Amazon requires too deep a discount to the price to opt out of the program, and it is our position that the creators of the content in our books should be fairly compensated for their work. The pricing Amazon imposes on small publishers who do not want their books included in the loan program does not provide sufficient return for this to occur. You can still download ebooks in Kindle formats from Smashwords.com.

NEW BOOKS for 2011!

Exploring the historical treatment of the subject and literary devices authors use to effectively convey difficult truths, Eve Tal examines the ways in which the Holocaust is portrayed in selected English-Language and Hebrew fiction for young readers.


"This book provides an articulate, accessible and useful overview of the issues, plus interesting updates on recently published fiction. Tal’s focus on the heart of darkness – the ghettos and camps – draws attention to some of the most pressing challenges of children’s literature: how to represent suffering and death in texts for young readers.

Of particular interest is the comparison of English-language and Hebrew-language books. This is a topic that has been missing from discussions of children’s literature and the Holocaust. Tal indicates how representations of the Holocaust in fiction and memoir have been culture specific; while American writers more often emphasize hope, Israeli stories have emphasized resistance."

Professor Naomi Sokoloff
Near Eastern Languages and Civilization
University of Washington


Tuskaloosa Tales is a charming and informative collection for children of all ages.   — Winston Groom

The stories and rich color illustrations by Sue Blackshear as well as black and white images from public domain sources will spark students’ interest to get excited about reading and see the world around them in a different light. -- Linda A. McQueen, Library Media Specialist, McNeel School-Vacca Campus, Alabama Writer’s Forum Oct. 2011

There is really no book out there like this one – one that will  give students from all over the city and county an opportunity to learn more about the rich and diverse heritage of this area, and may help spark an idea for a project, a passion for a topic, or just get them excited about reading in a new way, about seeing the world around them differently.  Jessica Lacher-Feldman,  Curator  of Rare Books and Special Collections,  W. S. Hoole Special Collections Library, University of Alabama

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