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About Logistics Visions
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Logistics Visions was started as a service to review and integrate two critical functions in a company's business:
Logistics and Supply Chain 
Historically, logistics programs have focused exclusively on transportation and warehousing while Supply Chain focused on procurement, data and finance related to inventory transactions.
These two functions naturally fit together as integrated solutions to improve a company's flow of goods while continuously driving down the overall cost of goods from origin through distribution to ultimate sale and delivery. Innovative approaches allow for dollars spent on inventory and logistics to be recoup faster than in previous models. That is where Logistics Visions comes in.
Logistics Visions professionals start reviewing your processes from the issuance of a purchase order through the delivery to your customer. Every step in-between is reviewed and anlyzed for potential optimization and bottom line cost savings.
Give us a call, you will see that we make sure every penny counts!

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