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How Logistics Visions Works
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The Logistics Visions Process

  1. The Meet - A Logistics Visions professional meets with the management sponsor or the team to discuss the project and the goal
    • Identify high level input and output requirements
    • Identify staff resources
    • Identify data and document resources
  2. The Study - The Logistics Visions Consultant reviews available resources from the Meet and schedule one on one meetings with staff resources
    • Review the data and highlight potential area's of improvement
    • Determine current process and work flows
    • Review contracts and service level agreements
    • Interview staff resources
    • Walk the process - Hands on (if acceptable to sponsor)
  3. The Analysis - The Logistics Visions Consultant will prepare an analysis document from the Study which provides a details review of the current process and area's of improvement along with potential benefits in service and cost
  4. The Review - The Logistics Visions Consultant will schedule a management review of the Analysis. This meeting will highlight the project scope, the analysis of the current process, a suggestion of best practice improvements, and potential realized gains.
  5. The Plan - Once the Review has been completed, the Logistics Visions Consultant will establish a enhancement deployment plan that can be facilitated by the Clients resources in conjunction with the Logistics Visions Consultant.
  6. The Execution - The Logistics Visions Consultant acting as the project lead will manage the Execution of the mission to ensure objectives are met. The Logistics Visions consultant along with the client's team will continuously monitor the program at each step to address any issues that may require resolution in process.
  7. The Close - Upon successful implementation, the Logistics Visions Consultant will facilitate a Management Review of the project scope and the final deployment for client sign-off.
  8. The Follow-up - The Logistics Visions Consultant will remain available for follow-up for a period of 60 days post the Close to provide support where needed.

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