There's nothing inherently wrong with having a healthy ego;  it’s a good thing all in all.  You just have to make sure that you never let your ego get in the way of the work.  If you start thinking about how wonderful and good and great all that you are doing is, well then you're not only getting in your own way, you're getting in the way of the work, and that can cause problems down the road.  The work has to always come first, because in the end that’s all there is.  When all is said and done, all that you leave on God’s green earth when you flee this mortal coil is the work.

Well, you may think that you leave your children behind you, but it all depends on how you define that as to whether you are correct in your assumptions in that regard.  Because, for the most part, it is God that provides you with your children, not you yourself.  To imagine that you yourself produce your children is vanity.  Now, on the other hand, to the degree that you work on, for and with your children, then to that degree you do leave something behind in them when you pass, but only to the degree that they embody that work.  By and large, however, the legacy your children embody is God’s.

The real heroes, the ones who really make history-- not the "history" that everyone learns about in school, reads about in books, and watches on made-for-television documentaries, but the real history that made and continues to make the world, day in and day out--  you’ll never learn about them, who they are, and what they did, unless you know them personally, unless you witness them going about their work, and even then you might not know.

Everyone is an agent of God.  I’m just more aware of this fact than most.  The devil?  The devil is a part of God as sure as anything.  There isn't anything that isn't a part of God.  God and the devil:  their game is just the biggest good-cop bad-cop routine that there ever was.  Never forget that the devil is a cop, too.  Just as in the corporeal world you eventually have to answer to the law, in the immortal world, you have to answer to God.  There’s no exit in the devil, he’s working for God whether he knows it or not.  How does the devil work for God?  Well, one way is how when you see the devil in something, you know to steer clear, right?  And once you learn to recognize the devil's handiwork where ever it may be, well, then you know that whenever you come across it that you've somehow strayed, and so it helps you to stay on the path that God has chosen for you.   There is only God and the Law; at the end of the day that’s all there is.

No, no--God is love.  Without love everything stagnates and finally dies.  Without love evolution is impossible, and it is evolution that is bringing us ever closer to God.  Now some people disagree with me on this last point, but the way I have come to see evolution, the way its definition has been revealed to me, has shown me that it has to be a central part of God's plan.

There is only one way to lead, and that is by example.  And what greater example is there than Jesus Christ, what greater leader?

You can say what you want-- and people like to talk.  Oh yes, people like to talk more than just about anything.  It’s not for nothing that it is written, “In the beginning, there was the word.”  Talking is what God put people on earth to do.  But you have got to remember that words are the seeds of deeds:    Good words bring forth good deeds; Ill words bring forth Ill deeds.  And not only that:  You've got to watch out that all this yakkety-yak doesn’t drown out the truly important things, that the things we have to hear -- the words that we truly need to survive-- don’t get lost amidst the ceaseless outpouring of emotion and information.


Oh yes, I can see it in you.  I see it in you-- you’re going to make it.  You’ve got what it takes.   I know you’re suffering now.  I know you’re having trouble believing me when I say this, but believe me.  You’re going to get where you’re going to.

And here’s the kicker.  That’s the easy part.  Yeah, I hear you laughing, I hear you scoff.  “Easy!” you say, “What? are you kidding!” But, no, I’m not kidding.  You’re going to get where you’re going to on what God gave you.  That’s why I can be so sure that you’re going to make it.  I can see God’s gift in you right now.  That’s my gift-- to see God in people.

No, the hard part comes once you’ve got it made.  That’s when God leaves you on your own and moves off to help the next person and you have only your own self to rely on.  That’s when you’ve got to prove yourself.

Once you’ve arrived you have to keep your natural inclinations in check.  If you vault yourself into a mind set of elitism and pride, if you denigrate that which you’ve left behind, then you will only be setting yourself up for a fall.  You must strive to be humble and thankful and modest in your success.  Should you manage to achieve this, then the success you earn will be yours to keep.  Even these present days which you now perceive to be full of pain, hardship and gloom, these will-- in the days of your achievement and consequent escape,  in the days of your success-- these will be basked in the soothing glow of this success and will be transformed by this balm into a bright and magic time.

But should you veer from the avenue, should you enter into a hot, dark underground of revelry and debauchery, or a cold, cruel penthouse of boastfulness and scorn, then surely as the day you were born you will end up as you are now, only with nothing but more of the same to look forward to and more of the same to look back upon, for you will not only have exhausted God’s gift to you but will have shown yourself to have failed to see it, or worse, to have seen it but not cared,  and thereby lost its providence.

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