A natural born teacher.  A prophet.  A mystic.  Knows what needs to be done and views it as his responsibility to realize his visions on the earthly plane.  Discovered his calling at an early age, yet, at the time, felt alienated from the forms of organized religion available to him and so turned to music to realize his aims.  It did not take him long to recognize which music spoke to him most clearly:  Jazz.  Through his chosen profession of jazz musician and composer, Farid has dedicated his life to showing the way and the light.

Along the way, Farid found in Islam much that was missing from his life.  While he came to strongly believe that had he been introduced to Islam as a child he would have, in all likelihood, dedicated his life to it, he nonetheless felt that he had already made his choice in life and that he would continue to be devoted first and foremost to music, though he would do so as a Muslim.  He found himself especially attracted to the mysticism of the Sufis, with their focus on the necessity of spiritual training and their “Way”:  that of dissolving the individual self by overcoming the prideful need for reputation it embodies, ultimately leading to being subsumed into the oneness of God.

Throughout his life Farid has served those who have looked to him for knowledge and guidance.  He has been most sucessful in helping those whom he can reach through involving them with his music.  Of those who have passed under his wing, only a few have gone on to a life in music, but all have learned what music has to offer.  His current protege, Isaac, may be his most challenging yet.

Whenever his mind gets to wandering, it's only a matter of time til his feet take him to 8 1/2 Beto Drive, where he can easily find something to ground his thoughts among the multitude of offerings.

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