A  N  I  M  A  L  I  A


A stray dog taken in by Dolly and Mona, who now makes their gas station his home.  Jeff's nemesis.  Suzie's friend.


A crow that, for one reason or another, has taken to spending a great deal of time perched atop the Downtown Diner.


An incredibly intelligent raccoon raised since infancy and subsequently trained by Jerry.  Makes his home in Jerry's shop, Marvel Hardware.


Betsy & Victoria's cat since their days in academia.  Has a definite tendency to accompany them wherever they go.  Especially likes prowling around the movie theatre, the World Cinema, that they own and operate.  All the better if a movie happens to be playing at the time.  Occasionally seen in the company of Daisy, Mazie & Krazy, as well.


A stray cat who, on a particularly cold Christmas Eve, wandered into the library and was given what was intended to be provisional shelter.  Never managed, somehow, to get around to leaving.


Jim's parrot.  Purchased from a South Sea Island peddler during his days of aimlessly wandering the globe in various and sundry maritime employs.

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