In April of 1995 we went to London and Paris where Logan was teaching his GPS course. We had a wonderful time and expect to return in April of 1998. Logan goes every year but Suzanne couldn't go this year because she had a stowaway on board. Here are a some pictures taken while we were in Paris.

Logan on the seine

Logan standing on a footbridge over the River Seine. The Island in the back is where Paris was founded. The bridge you see is over 500 years old.

Suzanne in one of the many beautiful parks around Paris. We enjoyed buying a bottle of wine and some sandwiches to eat out in the parks. Note the trees in the background; they are full size and they have been trimmed into a rectangular shape.

We wanted to climb the Eiffel tower but were told that we would have to ride the elevator. That did not sound like any fun so we climbed Notre Dame instead. As you can tell from this picture, Paris can be a cool place. Hope to see you soon.