Maggie Lost Her 2nd Tooth Today, February 7, 2003
Here is Maggie & Elena's Letter to the Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I'm 5 years old. I really like you. I like what you gave me for a present. I like you.
Love, Maggie

P.S. from Elena

I love you snowman, little puppies, and angels. And I love fairies with stars to give out in their hands. I love you fairies.
Dear Elena

P.P.S. from Maggie

And the tooth is really mine; not Elena's.
Love Maggie

Maggie's Drawing of the Tooth Fairy
Maggies Tooth Fairy
    Elena's Drawing of the Tooth Fairy
Elenas Tooth Fairy

Various Photos Taken Over the Last Year or So

Maggie at Arches NP (March 2002)

Maggie at arches NP

Running in the Sand at Arches NP (March 2002)


Elena with her Kitty at the Cabrillo Point Tide Pools (San Diego March 2002) 
Tide Pools

Maggie & Elena Swimming at Malibu (January 2003)

Elena & Kerrin at the Los Angeles Zoo (January 2003)

Maggie at Disney's California Adventure (January 2003)

Gotta Run (Elena in Malibu, January 2003)

Self Portrait of Maggie in Her Fairy Costume from Kary (October 2002)

Logan and Maggie at Zion NP (September 2001)

Maggie, Elena & Cousin Allysa at the Beach In Santa Cruz (July 2002)

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