A Short and Highly Subjective Tutorial on How to Use the ETSI, 3GPP, T1P1, ITU ,UWCC  and TIA Databases

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Last Changed 18 December, 1999

ETSI, (Good for GSM Specs, SMG 2 Working Documents)

Getting an ETSI password:

The first thing you need is a password.

Go to:


and get one. It is easy. Omnipoint is an associate member. In about a day they will send you an e-mail with your password.

Getting ETSI GSM Standards:

Go to:


and this will return with:

docbox.etsi.org - /Tech-Org/SMG/Document/smg/specs/

[To Parent Directory]

    1/4/99 11:03 AM         1178 00index.txt
   3/17/99  3:11 PM        <dir> Draft
   3/17/99  3:11 PM        <dir> pcs1900
   3/17/99  3:11 PM        <dir> PH1 These are the original GSM standards
   3/17/99  3:11 PM        <dir> PH2
  11/15/99  2:18 PM        <dir> Ph2pl-v5
   3/18/99 10:08 AM        <dir> Ph2pl-v6
    8/3/99  7:35 AM        <dir> Ph2pl-v7
   9/22/99  7:24 AM        <dir> Ph2pl-v8 These are the most recent phase 2 standards, I'd suggest starting here and working backwards until you hit the one you are looking for
   3/17/99  3:11 PM        <dir> STC-CTR
    8/2/99  1:46 PM        <dir> UMTS

Getting ETSI SMG Documents:

Go to:


and get back:

docbox.etsi.org - /Tech-Org/SMG/Document/

[To Parent Directory]

   8/25/98 11:34 AM        <dir> smg
   6/29/98  5:04 AM        <dir> smg1
   6/29/98  5:04 AM        <dir> smg10
  11/12/99  9:51 AM        <dir> smg11
   6/29/98  5:04 AM        <dir> smg12
  11/22/99  6:20 PM        <dir> smg2 This is where most of the radio stuff is happening
   6/29/98  5:04 AM        <dir> smg3
   8/25/99  3:44 PM        <dir> smg4
   6/29/98  5:04 AM        <dir> smg5
   6/29/98  5:04 AM        <dir> smg6
  12/14/99 11:52 AM        <dir> smg7
   6/29/98  5:04 AM        <dir> smg8
   10/6/99  9:42 AM        <dir> smg9
   6/29/98  5:04 AM        <dir> smgwome

For information most relevant to us click on smg2

This returns:

docbox.etsi.org - /Tech-Org/SMG/Document/smg2/

[To Parent Directory]

   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> 450
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> CTS
  11/20/99  3:03 AM        <dir> EDGE
  11/25/99 12:19 PM        <dir> Inbox
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> LCS
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> Methodology
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> NBCCH-Wkshp
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> SEG
  12/13/99 11:16 PM        <dir> SMG2_Reports
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> SMG2-no17
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> SMG2-no18
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> SMG2-no19
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> SMG2-no20
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> SMG2-no21
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> SMG2-no22
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> SMG2-no23
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> SMG2-no24
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> SMG2-no25
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> SMG2-no26
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> SMG2-no27
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> SMG2-no28
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> SMG2-no29
    5/6/99  9:35 PM        <dir> SMG2-no30
   5/21/99  4:53 PM        <dir> SMG2-no31
   9/24/99  8:10 PM        <dir> SMG2-no32
  12/13/99 11:15 PM        <dir> SMG2-no33
  11/15/99 12:54 PM        <dir> SMG2-no34 This is for the next meeting in January 2000. Has info on location etc.
    4/8/99  4:24 PM        <dir> SoLSA
   12/6/99  6:22 PM        <dir> Specifications
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> status
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> TRAUadhoc
   5/17/99  5:57 PM        <dir> UMTS
   3/17/99  3:10 PM        <dir> usrguid_form
  12/13/99 10:11 PM        <dir> WPA Good stuff here too on LCS
  11/12/99 10:22 AM        <dir> WPB Good stuff here too on LCS
   6/30/99  2:23 PM        <dir> WPC
   5/17/99  6:05 PM        <dir> WS_HO_CellSel

To get a specific document and/or browse it usually works out that clicking on one of the meetings works best. As an example, clicking on SMG2-no33 yields:

docbox.etsi.org - /Tech-Org/SMG/Document/smg2/SMG2-no33/

[To Parent Directory]

  11/12/99 10:21 AM         7496 Agenda.rtf
  11/29/99  2:57 PM       182139 Doclist.rtf This is a list of documents presented at the meeting (start here if browsing)
  10/11/99  8:15 AM        <dir> Invitation
  11/30/99  9:59 AM        82432 Mailing_list.doc
  12/13/99 11:15 PM       179675 SMG2#33_Draft_rep_3.zip
   12/1/99 10:03 AM        <dir> Tdocs This is where the documents are

Once you figure out what docs you want, click on Tdocs and something like this shows up:

docbox.etsi.org - /Tech-Org/SMG/Document/smg2/SMG2-no33/Tdocs/

[To Parent Directory]

  11/20/99  3:42 PM         2359 2-99-E62.zip This is the SMG 2 99/1462 document, all zipped up
  11/20/99  3:42 PM         1945 2-99-E63.zip
  11/20/99  3:42 PM         2040 2-99-E64.zip
  11/20/99  3:42 PM         2592 2-99-E65.zip
  11/20/99  3:42 PM         5935 2-99-E66.zip
  11/16/99 10:43 PM        24165 2-99-E67.zip
  11/20/99  3:42 PM        10099 2-99-E68.zip
  11/20/99  3:42 PM         8023 2-99-E69.zip
  11/20/99  3:42 PM         4292 2-99-E70.zip
  11/16/99 10:58 PM       219005 2-99-E71.zip

The letters in the filenames represent numbers. Thus A:10 , B:11 , C12 etc. so 2-99-F34 would be SMG 2 year 1999 document number 1634

3GPP (ETSI GSM Standards are Being Moved Into this Body)

Generally, the transferred GSM specifications new number is obtained by adding 20 to the integer portion and dividing the fractional portion by 10. As an example:

This is where 3GPP documents, meeting notices etc. can be found. You don't need a password to access their stuff, just go to:


The ftp directory structure is given in the pdf document at ftp://ftp.3gpp.org/Information/DocNum_FTP_structure.PDF

This returns:

FTP root at ftp.3gpp.org

11/25/99 09:51AM      Directory Information
12/10/99 10:24AM      Directory PCG
10/18/99 11:47AM      Directory Specs Transferred GSM Specs tend to be here
10/28/99 08:15AM      Directory TSG_CN
02/28/99 03:58PM      Directory TSG_RAN This where most of the radio and radio protocol stuff is
04/15/99 08:17AM      Directory TSG_SA
01/08/99 09:07AM      Directory TSG_T
07/15/99 01:45PM      Directory WORKSHOP

Clicking on TSG_RAN yields:

FTP directory /TSG_RAN/ at ftp.3gpp.org

Up to higher level directory

08/04/99 02:53PM      Directory AHG1_ITU_Coord
10/28/99 12:34PM      Directory InBox
12/06/99 06:36PM      Directory TSG_RAN
12/08/99 12:49PM      Directory WG1_RL1
12/11/99 03:54PM      Directory WG2_RL2
11/19/99 10:13AM      Directory WG3_Iu
11/04/99 09:42AM      Directory WG4_Radio

Clicking on the appropriate Working Group will lead into the appropriate documents


You don't need a password to get into T1P1 goodies. Start at:


This yields:

Conference #05:T1P1 Directories

1993 T1P1 Documents
1994 T1P1 Documents
1995 T1P1 Documents
1996 T1P1 Documents
1997 T1P1 Documents
T1P1.1 - Int'l Wireless/Mobile Stds
T1P1.2 Documents - PCS & Ntwk Arch.
T1P1.3 Documents - PACS
T1P1.5 Documents - PCS 1900
T1P1.6 Documents - CDMA/TDMA
T1P1.7 Documents - Wideband CDMA
1998 T1P1 Documents
IMT-2000 Documents
1998 T1P1.5 Documents - PCS 1900
T1P1 Ad Hoc on 3G RTT Harmonization
1999 T1P1 Documents
1999 T1P1.1 Documents
1999 T1P1.2 Documents
1999 T1P1.3 Documents
1999 T1P1.5 Documents This is where the latest LoCation Services Stuff is.
1999 T1P1.6 Documents
1999 T1P1.4 Documents
Recently Uploaded Files


I haven't fully explored this site yet but it looks interesting. ITU-R WG8/1 is working on IMT-2000/3G stuff. To get the goodies you need TIES access. The application form is found at:

http://www.itu.int/TIES/registration/index.html I filled out the application and e-mailed it to the indicated address and received a password via e-mail ~ 2 days later.

A search of ITU-R memberships shows Gary Jones is the contact at ITU:

Omnipoint Corporation

Attn.:Mr. Gary K. Jones

Director of Stardards Policy

3 Bethesda Metro Center, Suite 400


Tf +1 301 9512524

Fax +1 301 9512580

ITU-T Member: Yes ITU-R Member: No ITU-D Member: No

O: Omnipoint Corporation C: BETHESDA, MARYLAND 20814

Here is some of the freely available cool stuff to be found at UTU-R


 Here is the some of the stuff you can access via TIES that requires a password:


UWCC Universal Wireless Communication Consortium (Info on IS-136 / TDMA type stuff)

Getting a UWCC password:

To get a password, go to:


This is their home page. Click on members only section. Try to enter conference without entering a username or password. You will be denied but there is a link to register. Follow it and register. You're in.

Information on Relationship to IMT-2000 and 3G:

Go to:


This will return with a kind of messed up frames based page. Nonetheless, there are several items of interest to download. Most notable is the UWC-136 proposal

TIA UWC-136 stuff

Getting a UWC-136 cookie:

To get a cookie, go to:

http://www.tiaonline.org/standards/sfg/imt2k/uwc136/registration.cfm Then you can download UWC-136 documents.


http://ftp.tiaonline.org/uwc136/ This is a major UWC-136 database covering the entire of new specifications including 136HS Outdoor (200 kHz carrier) and 136HS Indoor (1600 kHz carrier).

TR45.3 Standards Status (IS-136 and it's variants)

Not really UWCC but useful nonetheless:

http://wow-com.com/techops/sysint/standards.cfm#tr45.3 Covers some of the TR43.5 standards.

http://www.tiaonline.org/standards/sfg/sp_report.cfm Shows ballot status but he tia websever is often flaky, keep trying.

 Regards, Logan