1.  How would you rate the overall job your local union is doing representing you?

(select one)          Excellent          Good          Fair          Poor          Not sure

2.  What is your main source of information from the union? (select one)

Union meetings     Stewards     Local's Web Site     Rumor     Other, please specify below

3.  Do you feel that the union is keeping in step with the changes occurring in the
__Yes          __No          __Don't know

4.  Do you attend the general membership meetings?      __Yes          __No         

If you answered no, why don't you attend?

5.  If you have not attended a membership meeting in the past six months,
     please state why? 
(Select one)

6.  Would you like to see your general membership meetings changed?

7.  How often do you talk with your steward about work-related
     or union-related matter?

8.  When you have needed help from your local union officers,
     has an officer been available?     
(select one)         

___ Always         ___ Usually          ___ Only occasionally          ___ Never
___ I have never needed the help from one of our officers

9.  Are your telephone calls returned when you call your union officers?

___ Yes         ___ No         ___ I've never had to call them

10.  On what areas, if any, do you feel the union should focus efforts to improve?

       Select as many answers as you feel are appropriate.

11.  In your opinion, what are the three most important things the union does for you?

(Select three of the following items with 1 being the most important to you,
2 being next in importance, and 3 as your third selection and third in importance.) 

___ Handles grievances

___ Keeps you informed about issues which affect you as a worker and as a member of
        your community

___ Helps provide a safe work place

___ Provides a pension plan so that you can be assured of being financially comfortable

___ Through bargaining provides a higher standard of living for you and your family

___ Lobbies for legislation that benefits you as a worker and as a member of your community

___ Negotiates better working conditions

___ Provides freedom from harassment and discrimination

___ Provides job security

___ Other (please specify):

12.  What is the one thing you like best about being a member of your union?

13.  Do you utilize the local unions web site?       ___ Yes     ___ No

If you answered no, why?

14.  How would you grade the rate of return you union dues provide you in wages, benefits and job security?   ___ Excellent     ___ Good     ___ Fair     ___ Poor

15.  In your opinion, who has the most responsibility for convincing
       the non-members to join the union?

16.  Do you feel your stewards are well-informed about contractual matters?

___ Yes          ___ No          ___ Don't Know

17.  Do you feel your stewards are well-trained in the handling of grievances

___ Yes          ___ No          ___ Don't Know

18.  If you answered "no" either to question #16 or question #17, do you feel
       your steward would benefit from attending a steward's training school?

___ Yes          ___ No          ___ Don't Know

19.  Did you vote in the last election of local union officers?   ___ Yes     ___ No

If you answered no, why didn't you vote?

20.  Have you read your current collective bargaining contract?
                    ___ No.  I have not read any of the current contract.
                    ___ Yes.  I have read parts of the current contract.
                    ___ Yes.  I have read the entire contract.

21.  Do you think you would be better off if more workers in the company were   

       union members?   ___ Yes          ___ No          ___ Don't Know

22.  Why do you think the non-members do not belong to the union?

___ They are too cheap

___ They have no concern for other workers

___ At one time they had a problem with something the union did.

___ Other (please specify): _____________________________________________

23.  When workers do not participate in their union, what do you think they are   
(Please select as many as you feel are appropriate)

___ Whatever the company does is O.K. with me.

___ If I have a problem with the company, I can work it out without the help of my
       union steward.

___ Whatever the company wants to pay me is O.K. with me.

___ Whatever the company wants to charge me for health insurance, I'll be happy to pay it.

___ If the company should decide to fire me, I could change their mind without any help
       from the union.

___ The company cares about me, has my best interests at heart, & would do nothing to
        hurt me.

___ I just don't have time to help secure my wages, benefits, and working conditions.

___ Other (please specify):

24.  Are you aware of the following committees for our local? 

___ Yes     ___ No     Negotiation Research Committee
___ Yes     ___ No     Political Action Committee
___ Yes     ___ No     Employee Involvement Steering Committee

25.  Are there other types of committees that you feel should be formed, that would
       be beneficial to our local's membership?  If so, please submit your suggestion

If you are interested in serving your local by participating in one of our committees, please call or send a note  with your name, phone number, and the name of the committee(s) you are interested in.

Any additional thoughts, comments, or suggestions: