The Contract Research Committee provides a tremendous service to the local.  Responsibilities include:  assisting with surveys,  tabulating results, researching contract language and wage rates,  and recommending proposals for the Negotiating Committee.  Are you interested in serving on this committee?

___ Yes         ___ No

What three bargaining items will be the most important to you in our upcoming negotiations? 
Select only three ranked by importance, use 1 for your first choice, 2 for second choice and 3 for third choice)

Wage increase

Safety and health conditions

Improvement in Flex Benefits

Improve job security measures (e.g., limit subcontracting)

Change in sick leave policy

Continuing participation in Results program

Rank all of the following job-related concerns in order of their importance to you.  (Please rank all of the following items with 1, being the most important to you and your first choice, 2 being next in importance and your second choice, etc.  Continue ranking all eight items, with 8 being your last choice and the least important to you.)

Satisfactory settlement of grievances

Job classifications

Flex benefits


Wage increase

Freedom from harassment and discrimination

Health and safety conditions

Union security

Your Thoughts….

Select three factors that you feel will be the most influential in achieving a fair contract settlement in our upcoming negotiations.  (Select only three ranked by importance, use 1 for your first choice, 2 for second choice, and 3 for third choice)

Good will of the company

Willingness to strike

More favorable political climate

Increased industry profits

Union solidarity, among our local as well as others in our industry

Percentage of the industry that is organized

Deregulation (re-regulation) in our industry

Low unemployment rates

How would you rate the company's level of concern for the people who work for it?

___  Very Concerned                    ___ Fairly concerned                    ___ Does not really care about us     

Which of the following do you feel has the greatest effect on the company's ability to be competitive?

Wages and benefits

Poor management techniques

Value of the dollar

Facility and equipment costs

Given the current climate in the company, do you feel secure in your job?

___ Yes                    ___ No                    ___ Don't Know

How do you think your negotiated wages, benefits and working conditions compare to those of people who do similar jobs but have no union?

My wages, benefits and working conditions are better.

My wages, benefits and working conditions are about the same.

My wages, benefits and working conditions are worse

Don't know

Rate as each with excellent, good, fair, or poor.

How would you rate your supervisor?

How would you rate your Manager?

Rate your CEO.

How would you rate upper management in your division?

If you were sitting across the bargaining table from management, what would be your most important demand?

Is there a new item, a specific benefit you don't currently have, which you feel that the local union should attempt to gain for you in our upcoming negotiations?

What goal should we set for yearly wage increases?  (Avg. per year)   ______%

What increase, if any, in Flex Benefits should we set as our goal? __________________

Is there a specific person you would like to have representing you as a Negotiator?  If so, please submit their name.

Specific contact language changes or proposals you would like to submit.  (We will contact you for further information.)

Additional Thoughts? ____________________________________________________________________________









Mark your responses, then mail this survey-

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Mike Long - IBEW Local 1613,

by U.S. Mail to:
Mike Long, IBEW Local 1613, 6300 Enterprise, Suite 105, Kansas City, MO  64120

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United We Bargain….  Divided We Beg !!!

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