• Mike Long - Business Manager & Financial Secretary
Mike has been Business Manager of Local 1613 for 3 years, and will continue serving our local in this capacity in the new term.  He was in the KCPL Planning Department at Northland, and prior to that worked in Stores & Materials.  He has served our local over the years in a variety of positions including Vice President and Steward position.

  • Linda Mathews - President
Linda has been with KCPL for over 20 years, and has worked in a variety of clerical positions:   Cashiers, Customer Communications, Internal Services, and currently Telecommunications.
She has been a Union Steward for 18 years, President of our Local for 2 terms, and looking forward to serving the local as President for yet another term.  She is the Webmaster for Local 1613, and various other Labor Related sites, including our International 11th District Web Site.  She has attended a variety of Labor Courses, and served as speaker on panels for UMKC & The 1st Labor-On-Line Conference held in New York.  Linda is devoted to the philosophy of Labor Unions, and wants to continue to work towards building our local into an entity with a vast potential for survival, growth and excellence.

  • Dave Pinon - Vice President 
Dave is a KCPL employee, and has been in the Planning Dept for the last 6 mo's.  He has previously been a Meter Reader for 10 years and worked in the Call Center 3 years.  He has a total of 13 years as a union member.  Dave has been a union steward for 3 years, served on the E-board 2 years and is a former E.I. Steering committee member.  He was on the last Negotiation Committee and was Activing V.P. in Cindy Daniel's absence.  Dave wishes to gain more experience in the workings of the company and the local, to be a more effective member of Local 1613.

  • Carol Pope - Recording Secretary
Carol is currently in the KCPL Planning at the Southland office.  She previously worked in T&D and the Customer Communication Center.  Carol has been a union member for 14 1/2 years now.  Carol was the Recorder for the last 2 union contracts with the Negotiation Committees and is going on her 3rd term as the Recording Secretary for the local. Carol is also a union steward.   She enjoys staying in touch with union issues and likes to show her support for the local.

  • Ruth Evans - Treasurer
Ruth is working in Shops and Technical Services Dept.  She came from Accounting and also worked as a Cashier.  She has been a union member for 11 years and the locals Treasurer for the past 5 years.  She also wants to keep in touch and support union activities.

The Executive Board members are:

  • Carole Yomans   
Carol works in Substation C&M.  She previously worked on the Transmission side of C&M, Retail and Commercial Sales, Generation Analysis and Budgeting.  She has been a union member 11 years. 

  • Roseann Rice
Roseann is currently working in Materials.  She has been a Cashier, Customer Communication Representative and has been in the local almost 13 years.  She recently became a union steward.

  • Carolyn Rector
Carolyn works at Edison Credit Union.  She has been a member for 3 years now.  She is also a union steward for ECU.

  • Debbie Degenfelder 
Debbie works in Materials.  She previously was in C&M and Meter Reading.  She has been a union member for 16 years and has been an E-Board member in the past.

  • Cheryl Eagan
Cheryl works in Fleet Services at F&M.  She has been a union member for the past 20 years.  Her previous union experience includes, being an E-board member for the past 8 years, being on the Activities Committee for 3 years and has always tried to be active in union activities during her 20 years of employment. 

  • Tim Fleener     
Tim is in Property Accounting.  He has previously worked in the Mailroom and Inventory Accounting.  Tim has been a union member for 22 years now.  Tim has been on the locals E-board since July of 1995, has served on the 1996 Negotiating committee and
on the 1999 Negotiation Research Committee.  He wishes to give back some of his time and abilities to the union in appreciation for the good wages and benefits he has enjoyed through the years as a result of being in a bargaining unit. 

  • Debbie Pfeffer   
Debbie is our current Employee Involvement Facilitator.  She has previously been in the Customer Service Center and the Planning Dept.  Debbie has been a union member for 16 years.  She was previously a union steward, and has been on the E-Board in the past.  Debbie likes to be involved in union activities and is concerned about the future
of the local and wants to be a part of the outcome.

  • Fran Poe 
Fran is currently in the Meter Shop.  She previously worked in Customer Service for 7 years, Material Control and Accounting.  Fran has been in the local over 11 years now.  She is the assistant webauthor for the locals website, previous E-Board member and has done volunteer work at KKFI's Heartland Labor Forum.

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