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Union Busting  DEFEATED
in the Kansas City Grocery Industry

Teamsters OK new AWG contract
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Tools To Use

NEW!!!  IBEW screen saver and other web graphics,
courtesy of Carl Cantrell, IBEW 10th Dist.

Rick Flores, UAW member, labor cartoonist and publisher of Workers' Communications Press (WCP), offers a labor cartoon and graphic clip art service designed specifically for labor news publications.  Featuring 
55 new cartoons and clip art each month, all drawn exclusively for labor unions!  His work is well known by UAW, CWA, NEA, IBB, AFGWU, UBC and others, including the Canadian Association of Labour Media (CALM). For a few sample packets or more information on his service, send him an email at:

At Work

Falling behind in boom times
Low-wage American workers now lowest-paid in industrialized world

May 1st  is a day of  special  significance  for  the  labour  movement.
It  is  a  day  of  solidarity between  workers of all nationalities.
A  time  to  remember  past  struggles  and  demonstrate  our  hope  for  a  better  future.  A day  to  remember  that  an  injury  to one is an  injury  to all.

Workers Don't Trust The Boss
A new study shows fewer than half of employees surveyed believe their employers are people of high ethical integrity.

WORKPLACE TRUST IS IN DECLINE - "What many business leaders today don't realize is that trust can make the difference between retaining employees and customers - and losing them to the competition."


Deregulation:  All it boils down to is greed.

Did you Know? There's a battle being waged right now that could jeopardize your electric service and drastically impact the quality of your life. It's a fight over the future structure  of the deregulated electric power industry. You must get involved now to ensure that an equitable structure prevails.If you don't actively voice your concerns-your rates could rise, your electric service could become less reliable, and environmental and conservation programs could vanish.  FIND OUT MORE...

Utility Fine A New Record - Utility companies are cutting back on safety, cutting manpower, selling off facilities, and generally doing all they can to become competitive   in the new deregulated energy market designed by the Republican think tanks, such as the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation. This is no secret to IBEW members. Our members pay the price, in service problems, unsafe work situations and in lost jobs. The IBEW and the Utility Workers Union are attempting to educate politicians about the downside of "utility deregulation".  Still, this article is amazing.

Union News

Labor, Revitalized With New Recruiting, Has Regained Power and Prestige
When John Sweeney took the helm of the A.F.L.-C.I.O. four years ago, the labor movement was spiraling downward. It was steadily losing membership, politicians dismissed it as a toothless has-been, and much of the public viewed it as an irrelevant dinosaur. Four years later, on the eve of the labor federation's convention in Los Angeles, things have turned around big time for big labor.

What Americans Think About Unions
Americans' attitudes towards union membership is improving. The AFL has a Peter D. Hart Research Associates poll which shows a growing improvement.

Watch Out For Sterotypes of Labor Unions 
By Fielding Poe, a lawyer and member of IBEW Local 1439

Union Dues Are Good 'Investment,"  Says Wash U Business Professor

Check out the poll for this century's top ten Labor Accomplishments


Register To Vote Now!!!
We need to be working towards getting everyone we know registered to VOTE. Fact is, even though organized labor is less than 15% of the USA, if 100% of union members voted in an election we would make a tremendous impact.  And, since Union members are generally more informed about the candidates and the issues than the average citizen. If  we could turn out 100% of our membership, we WOULD CHANGE THE WORLD!!!

Unions must flex muscle with candidates - The labor movement ought to be using its political muscle to force politicians like Gore and Bradley to work for the interests of working people. And if the Gores and Bradleys aren't willing to side with America's unions against the forces of corporate excess, monopoly and globalization, then America's unions ought to go out and find a better candidate.

Become A Political Activist!!!
Sign up for the political Activists list with the IBEW.  Get information on current political issues, then take the action needed to protect workers interests.  Join the local's PAC, and get involved. 



One of the most useful sites for labor research and legal issues -
The Cornell University site. Every labor activist needs to bookmark their site!

The main page includes hundreds of documents about work, labor and labor relations, including many government reports: 
Catherwood Library-Electronic Archive

Labor Links - Trade Unions Research Tools
From the law firm of Davies, Roberts & Reid in Seattle, Washington; 
serves as a starting point for Internet research  by trade unionists.

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