Changes to Missouri's Electric Power System Could Drastically Impact
The Quality Of Your Life!

Residential & Commercial Costs
Universal Access
Air Quality & Conservation
Community-based Programs
Local Tax Base
Employment Levels
Fair Competition
Financial Stability of the Industry

All are threatened by
Rapid, Radical Deregulation!

Missouri residents now enjoy safe, reliable electric power while paying some of the lowest rates in the nation.  But that may soon change.  Power marketers, Wall Street brokers and large industrial users...those who stand to profit at the expense of average consumers...want the Missouri Legislature to "restructure" our electric power system.

While California and New Hampshire will benefit from electric deregulation, Missouri customers may end up paying higher rates. Missouri's residential rate is 7.3 cents per kWh.  California's residential rate is 11.6 and New Hampshire's is 13.5.

KEEP HIGHER ELECTRIC RATES FROM FLOWING TO MISSOURI!!! -  You can help prevent this from happening by joining Missourians for Affordable Reliable Electric Service (MOFARES).  MOFARES is dedicated to educating the public about the consequences of rapid, radical deregulation.

MOFARES is a diverse coalition of consumers and organizations representing agriculture, small business, labor, senior citizens, environmentalists, the disadvantaged and others concerned about rapid, radical deregulation.  You must get involved now to ensure that legislators are guided by the following principles:

  • Any restructuring of the electric power industry must be open and accessible to all Missourians.

  • The benefits of restructuring must be measured against any social and economical consequences for the state.

  • All customers must be ensured accessible, affordable and reliable electric service

  • Restructuring should be consistent with the goals of protecting the environment, cost-effective energy efficiency programs and cost-effective sustainable energy technologies.

  • Adequate staffing levels and training to ensure safety, reliability, proper maintenance, customer service and planning standards must be maintained.

  • State and local entities should maintain oversight of the electric power supply industry.

To Join MOFARES (Membership is free) or for more information about MOFARES and electric utility deregulation call (417)866-4666

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