Coffee Break: Stories & Fun Features.
Sponsored by the UAW International Union

Top Ten Movies You Could Make About My Workplace.

Top Ten Company Rules For Workers-- In Your Boss's Dreams!

Top Ten Ways You Can Tell You've Been on the Job Too Long.

Marketing for the Labour Movement - by Allen Gottheil

Newton's Electrical Information - Voltage Drop Calculators

Ask a Working Woman - Web Page by the AFL/CIO

Dave's labor history pages

Parents Place - Parenting Resource Center On the Web

Kansas City's Home Page
- Offers Links to Local Events, Television
Stations, Kansas City Zoo, Museum, Sports, and Visitor's Bureau.

Why Unions Matter
- by Elaine Bernard, Executive Director, Harvard
Trade Union Program

The Hot Seat - Brave the interviewers' questions and choose the best
responses! You choose the best answer you earn two points and move closer
to a regular paycheck & benefits! If you choose a mediocre response you
ease forward with one point. If you choose foolishly you're shown the door.

Buy America Foundation - This page is designed to increase the "...awareness
of Americans to the need to support our manufacturing industries…"

NATCA Voice - National Air Traffic Controllers Association

The Official Internet Anti-Nike site -
Necessitates Indonesian Kids Employment

Made in the USA Links - Shopping Network for American Products

Labor Net - supports human rights and economic justice for workers by
providing Internet Services, labor news and information Internet training,
and website design for union and labor organizations.

Labor Start - Where trade unionists start their day on the net.

The Union Difference - Fast facts on union membership and pay

Ask Grunty - Advice for the Disgruntled

Catberts Anti-Dilbert Zone - Great site with a variety of games and
workplace humor.

Welcome to Senior Workers!  If you are 50 or older, you know that the
possibility of leaving the work force is real. Maybe its your choice, and
then, maybe its not.

The MedCheck Project
  Injured Workers Uniting For Immediate Fair Unbiased Medical Evaluation, Timely Treatment, & Patient Rights Worldwide

Stop the Pain
   Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) and back injuries are disabling and expensive. Each year, more than 700,000 workers lose time from their jobs because of these injuries, making them the nation's biggest job safety problem.

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