Office Depot union quarantine

Power Dereg Will Promote Customer 'Redlining'

The IBEW has launched an on-line campaign aimed at AT&T and its' CEO Mike ArmstrongFor more information please to go to:
The web is a powerful tool.  Let's make this another success story, with many sequels to follow!!!!!!!!!

Right to organize gains more attention from AFL-CIO, by Judy Ansel

KCPL & Western Resources merger information

Union Counselor Program, by Cindy Daniel

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A message from Mark  Moshay,  president of a union in Seattle
re:  the AFL-CIO march on the WTO in Seattle.

Mexican Electric Workers Union Builds Massive Coalition Against Privatization Appeals for International Solidarity

Stressed Out!!! -  Job conditions that lead to stress, and how to cope     with them.

As US layoffs mount, Federal Reserve threatens moves to undermine workers' wage demands

United for a Fair Economy -- The group formerly known as Share the Wealth, United for a Fair Economy has been targeting corporate welfare for years.  They publish a great manual called The Activist Cookbook.

Union privilege - Money saving benefits for union members and their family

No Sweat! Use your consumer power to help end sweatshop conditions. Links to USA Made Products, Dept. of Labor No Sweat Program, and Union Made products.

The Union Label - Latest Boycott List, Label Letter, Locate Union Made Products, and Union Hotel Guide.

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New Ad Campaign on 'Reliability' is Absurd Attempt To Muddy Deregulation Debate, Says IBEW President, J. J. Barry

MOFARES - Missourians for Affordable Reliable Electric Service - is  a diverse coalition of consumers and organizations representing agriculture, small business, labor, senior citizens, environmentalists, the disadvantaged and others concerned about rapid radical deregulation.

WAL-MART I: UNION-BUSTING A BUST--Wal-Mart s scheme to deny workers the freedom to choose a union by threatening to close down its meat  departments nationwide is being drowned out by the voices of workers demanding a  voice at work. On March 16, meat and seafood employees at the retail giant  Normal, Ill., supercenter filed a petition for a union representation election. This comes one day after the NLRB ordered an election for meat and seafood workers at the Palestine,
Texas, store and three days after workers at the Ocala, FL., store
filed for election.  The Food and Commercial Workers, which has been organizing Wal-Mart workers, also demanded that the company begin bargaining with meat department workers at the Jacksonville, Texas, store who voted for the union last month. AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, UFCW President Doug Dority and Msgr. George Higgins joined 200 marchers March 13 in Tyler, Texas, to protest Wal-Marts attempts to bust the union.

For more information, visit or

WAL-MART II: FINED FOR CHILD LABOR--Wal-Mart has been hit with a $205,650 fine for violating Maine s laws covering the number of hours teen-agers are allowed to work. The company agreed to pay the fine to settle an astounding 1,436 violations at 20 stores around the state over the past three and a half years. It is the largest fine and largest number of citations in the state's history . 

The Labor Committee's survey of 12 Wal-Mart stores found clothing from 49 countries. So the Labor Committee has launched a campaign to get huge retailers to tell us what factories their products come from, and open those factories to independent inspections. Shoppers have the right to know when something is made by children, or by workers paid starvation wages.

To see how you can help pressure Wal-Mart to tell the truth, visit the People's Right to Know Campaign online. They'll give you cards to give Wal-Mart managers, and keep you posted on protests across the nation to bring these abuses to public light.

The Labor Committee's web site also exposes the dirt about worldwide working

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