CyberSolidarity Web Mail is perfect for...

People who already have an email account through their company
CyberSolidarity Mail provides a free personal email account that is yours, not your company's. Having a separate, personal email address with CyberSolidarity Mail protects your privacy. You keep your private communication off of your employer's servers. Additionally, if you change employers, you will have a working email address.

Notification Features
If you use your CyberSolidarity Mail to maintain privacy on your employer's network, this feature will help you retrieve your messages on a timely basis.  You can be notified when a message is waiting here for you, via another e-mail address.  You also have the ability to check your personal e-mail account messages, without using unauthorized software at work, or having your personal messages cross your employer's mail server.

Privacy on the web
Ever wish you could travel in cognito on the web?  A little concerned about leaving your work or regular e-mail address on some sites that you visit?  CyberSolidarity Mail is a the answer.

People who currently share an email account
Are you tired of sharing your email account with other people in your household? If so, CyberSolidarity Mail is a great solution. Everyone who registers receives his or her own private email account. It's free! Give it a try!

Mobile Professionals
Have you ever been away from the office, unable to check for a vital email message? This is no longer a problem with Basket Mail. If you can access the World Wide Web, you can check your email.

People who don't even own a computer
As hard as it may be to believe, you don't even need a computer to use CyberSolidarity Mail. All you need is Internet access and a Web browser. As libraries, cafés, and other venues provide Internet access, you will soon be able to obtain your email from every street corner.

Internet access bargain hunters
Now that providing Internet service has become competitive, you want to look for the best deals. If you keep your CyberSolidarity email account, you can always shop for the best deals without having to change your email address.

Anyone who wants free, universal email access
If you are away from your computer or local area network, you may be unable to use your email. However, since your CyberSolidarity Mail account can be accessed from this site, you can send and receive email anywhere you have a browser and an Internet connection.

So, sign up for your FREE account now!  And, please encourage your brothers and sisters to subscribe to our web based e-mail service, so that we can communicate with each other more securely.

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