Martin was a union buster who executed union busting campaigns in more than 250 businesses across America.  He was getting paid $200,000 a year to shatter families, and turn worker against worker.  He frequently spied into families lives to discredit them.  When a worker had an impeccable record he would resort to lies. He taught supervisors to despise and fear unions and to take union drives as a personal attack on their leadership skills.  Instead of taking on unions that already represent a work force, squeezing negotiators at the bargaining table, forcing workers out on strike, and harassing union officers, his work was to have  "counterorganizing drives"  battling non-union employees as they struggle to win union representation.

Along with telling his union busting strategies, he also gives us his personal life story to get the reader on a personal level with him which makes it a more interesting book. He states the only way to bust a union is to lie, manipulate, threaten and always attack and states that the laws only serve to suggest maneuvers and define strategies.   The NLR Act in its complexity presents endless possibilities for delays, roadblocks and maneuvers.  He would get information available, due to the Landrum-Griffin act, of the inner workings and finances of unions and labor leaders. 

He says he wrote the book  to clear his conscience and says the good news is many consultants have given up union busting and have gone about more honorable careers.

I thought this was a good book.  It doesn't seem anyone wins when a union buster is brought in.  They make the foremens lives hell and expect them  to take the anti union messages back to the workers. When a worker finally blows up and goes on a rampage, the union  is blamed.   It costs the business's millions of dollars to run a campaign when they could take care of their workers with a decent wage and good benefits. 

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