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Local 1613 is in the 11th district of the International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers, and affiliated with the AFL-CIO.  We currently represent approximately 330 members, employees of KCP&L, and Edison Credit Union.  Membership meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month.
     This year marks Local 1613's 50th year of service,  in providing our membership with employment at the highest wage and greatest benefit package possible.

The purpose of this site is to:


Mike Long, Business Manager
& Financial Secretary

Linda Mathews, President

Cindy Daniel, Vice President

Carol Pope, Secretary

Ruth Evans, Treasurer

Keep members informed of events
pertaining to the local.

Provide information on current issues that could affect our industries or professions.

Provide links to other union members         and activists on the web.

Share information with others.

Executive Board:

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Tim Fleener

Linda Mathews

Jana Sperry

Fran Poe

John Wienstroer

Cheryl Eagan 

Carlos Diaz

Dave Pinon

Bill Zacher

Our on-line newsletter provides us with an economical source of communication with one another.  Through the internet, we now have the means to build the network we need to make a tremendous impact for workers around the world.

We are dedicated to assisting all workers in securing the highest possible wages and benefits. Come and join us in our efforts! 

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