Jim Scheel's Photo Page #2

Adeline Cannone, Diane Breidenbach, ???

Alan Huberman and Gary Flynn

Wendy Estipona and Helene Biale

Rich Nydegger, Mark Blodgett, Fred R

Mark Blodgett wins the doorprize!

Tonice Rizzo, Betty Conway, Kim Griffiths, Steve Danseglio

Kevin Cannon and Mark Blodgett

John Delteure dancing with Toni Rizzo

???, Stephanie Drebotick, ???

Ed Abasolo and his daughter

Bob Brown and Jim Scheel

Kevin Hannan

Vinny Genna, Ron Fowler, Linda Mucerino

Jay Levy talking to Vinny Genna

Tom Cain talking to Ron Fowler

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