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Archaeology Fun Facts

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Are you looking for an archaeologist, a historian, or other type of certified, experienced cultural resources consultant to help you complete your environmental assessments or permit review?
AF Consultants specializes in providing archaeological and historical surveys, research, site assessments, National Register of Historic Places nominations, and documentation services. We proudly offer cost-effective historic preservation solutions to both private and public sector clients seeking tax credits and permit compliance.
A trusted source of quality guidance, training, expert testimony, and documentation for over 30 years in the Carolinas and Georgia, we can assist you quickly and effectively.

What About . . .

Experience ... cost-consciousness ... plain talk ... professionalism ... timely response.

Yes, we've got you covered for all that ... plus something else that may give your bids a competitive edge. Since 1976, our company has been the only small, woman-owned business specializing in South Carolina archaeology and cultural resource management (CRM).
We were also the first private WBE/DBE and 8(a) certified contractor to offer these services in either South Carolina or North Carolina.
Costs and reliability? We work "smart" to keep our fees reasonable through cost-efficient methods. While we apply flexibility in fulfilling your project requirements, we also insure you a "clean" review product by following established state and federal guidelines for archaeological and historical work. Over three decades of positive work relationships at the state and federal levels ... and understanding of cultural review documents ... also allows us to shepherd your project smoothly through CRM consultation. We help you understand what may be unfamiliar requirements, such as Memoranda of Agreement, preservation easements, National Register nominations, and investigative reports.

Should We Protect Remnants of Our Past?

How You Benefit
Heritage tourism leads to community enrichment on many levels. We can help you be a "good neighbor" and integrate historical and archaeological findings into your project's promotional and exhibit plans.
We're always on call during your project, from start to finish. Whether you need assessment overviews, resource background checks, and historical research ... or on-site archaeological surveys, site testing, and data recovery excavations, we keep you closely informed of our findings.

In short, we believe that we can best serve our clients' interests by providing high-quality archaeological work that closely follows federal and state agency guidelines.  We focus on meeting our clients' deadlines and scheduling requirements.  We conduct all our work cost-efficiently and we bill at fair prices.  Our staff and associates are well-educated professionals who deserve compensation commensurate with that of other technical professionals, and we make every effort to provide all associates and employees with a safe and pleasant working environment with open lines of communication.   

Hotline Q/A from SC State Historic Preservation Office


Need to evaluate ruins or archaeological remnants in your right-of-way? Before you start clearing or new construction, contact us:

6546 Haley Drive
Columbia SC 29206
afconsultants2 at

Phone: 803-787-4169

A Good Choice

Aside from our technical expertise in terrestrial archaelogy -- survey, site testing, and/or data recovery -- our educational seminars and workshops cover a broad range of related topics, including keynote speeches, informational summaries, and training programs customized for the needs of business groups, land managers, project planners, and school teachers.  Our handbook, Archaeology for Business People, is a uniquely friendly guide for developers and planners that has received enthusiastic reviews (and frequent use) across the entire US.   

So, whether you're another consultant or planner looking for a cultural resource specialist ... a developer looking for archaeological or above-ground inventory surveys to comply with state or federal permits ... a rehabber seeking a National Register nomination for a building credit ... an A/E firm with a backlog of cultural resource background checks ... or a staff manager looking for technical training in cultural resource management, CONTACT US. 
We do it all!

Resources for Historic Structures

Certifications & Professional Affiliations
As a SC- and NC-certified Small Woman-Owned Business (SWOB), we are proud to be members of the American Cultural Resources Association (ACRA) and National Small Business Association (NSBA).  Our principals are certified by the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA), and are members of the Council of SC Professional Archaeologists (COSCAPA) and the NC Archaeological Council (NCAC). 

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us through:
L. M. Drucker, Ph.D., RPA
6546 Haley Drive
Columbia SC  29206

Contact us at afconsultants2 at

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