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Historical and Systematic Musicology
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Areas of Expertise

~ Forensic Musicology  ~
consultation and expert testimony in matters pertaining to musical identity and similarity in connection with
intellectual property issues; computer-assisted comparative analysis developed in
connection with dissertation on tune relationships 


~ Historical and Systematic Musicology, Ethnomusicology  ~
British art music and popular music of the Late Romantic,  Postromantic, and Early Modern periods
(Elgar, Sullivan, C.H.H. Parry, Vaughan Williams, Holst, Delius (links 1 / 2), Ketelbey, et al);

Celtic and Celtic-American folk music; oral-aural traditions; computer-assisted analysis ;

the Welsh Crwth; oral-aural folk musical traditions (centonization)
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~ Post-Secondary Education  ~

 musicology, music history / music literature (general, generic, or period; specialization in British national music of
the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries), Celtic & Celtic-American  ethnomusicology;
computer applications ( links 1 / 2 ) to the comparative analysis
of orally transmitted music


~ Educational Consultation   ~

elementary, secondary, and collegiate-level music and interdisciplinary curriculum design, with focus at the elementary

and secondary levels on the integration of music with language, social studies, mathematics, and science

and, at the collegiate level, on music in general and period-historical humanities studies


 ~ Academic Investigative  Assistance ~

 comparative analysis of British Insular and Insular-American folk tunes and their allied species,

using the MelAnaly system and software



~ Research, Lecturing, and Writing  ~

presentations and writing of program notes, articles, essays, and columns for cultural, educational, and religious,
and other organizations; scholarly, cultural, and general-interest publications; recording companies; etc.


~ Proofing and Editing ~

music and scholarly writing about music in specialized or general-humanities publications



~ Cinematographic and Broadcast Consultation ~
assistance with issues of folk music (ballads, folk hymns, fiddle music) and period-historical music (British Isles,
late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries) in preparation of movie scripts and musical scores,

documentaries, and programs  (other links:   Crwth   Ketelbey   Delius   1 / 2 )

~ Performance   ~

traditional Celtic and Celtic-American music, played on the Welsh crwth (folk festivals; academic settings; stage
plays, radio, television, and cinema; commercials; religious and community-group productions and
gatherings, and other situations) 
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Academic Credentials



~ Doctor of Philosophy  ~


Musicology, University of North Texas, 1984

Dissertation: "Centonization and Concordance in the American Southern Uplands Folksong Melody:
a Study of the Musical Generative and Transmittive Processes of an Oral Tradition"

(Ann Arbor: University Microfilms, International,1984) -
document number 8423854

Dissertation preparation included development of a body of computer software to assist with comparative analysis

and data management. Dissertation defense included defense of both analytical procedure and its supportive software.

Minor: English, with Concentration in Linguistics and the History of the Language

Conclusions set forth in dissertation (see above) were based in part on adaptations and applications of

linguistic principles to the oral-aural transmission of melodies.



~ Master of Music   ~


Musicology, University of North Texas, 1973

Thesis: "The Welsh Crwth, Its History, and Its Genealogy"

Thesis preparation included research and independent study in Great Britain and Ireland.

Minor: Music Theory, with Concentration in Musical Analysis



~ Bachelor of Music, with Honors  ~


Oklahoma Baptist University, 1970



~ Teaching Certification in Music ~

(All-Level, Texas Education Agency)


University of Houston, 1983







Further Information

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Centonization (oral/aural transmission, preservation, and re-fashioning of music)
MelAnaly (computer software for comparative melodic analysis)



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