J. Marshall Bevil, Ph.D.
~ Forensic Musicologist ~

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Consultant and Expert Witness in Civil and Criminal Cases of
Copyright Infringement and Intellectual Property Misappropriation
~ Specialist in the Oral-Aural Perception, Assimilation, and Recall of Music ~
7918 Millbrook Drive                    Houston, Texas, U.S.A.          77095
Telephone  (U.S. / 281) 859-5965        Cellular (U.S. / 713) 419-6829  

Services   Provided

consultation and expert testimony in copyright infringement and intellectual property misappropriation disputes:
determining and precisely defining melodic and other musical similarities and differences between and among select items;
 computer-assisted analysis employed when appropriate

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Professional   Credentials

Musicology / Ethnomusicology

Ph.D. dissertation and post-doctoral publications and presentations ( links  1   2 ) on oral-aural melodic generation, transmission, perception, assimilation, preservation, and change; adaptation and application of linguistic and cognitive psychological principles to analysis of oral-aural musical processes; computer-assisted musical analysis; teaching principles of oral-aural musical processes as part of instruction in music history and music literature at the university level.

Music Education

Interdisciplinary instruction, curriculum design, and teacher training (since 1980) emphasizing the separate, combined, and interacting linguistic and mathematical properties of music, music in its social and historical contexts, the literate and non-literate musical learning processes, and the processes in combination; use of pattern recognition and reduction techniques as teaching and learning tools.   Link

University Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy, University of North Texas, 1984.
Major in musicology, minor in English with concentration in linguistics and the history of the language.

: "Centonization and Concordance in the American Southern Uplands Folksong Melody: a Study of the Musical Generative and Transmittive Processes of an Oral Tradition," 449 pp. Published by University Microfilms, International ( document number 8423854 - Click on "Dissertation Services"). Concerning post-doctoral studies, see online bibliography of publications and presentations.

 Master of Music, University of North Texas, 1973.
Major in musicology, minor in music theory with concentration in stylistic and structural analysis.

"The Welsh Crwth, Its History, and Its Genealogy," 248 pp. with companion audio tape. Thesis research included manuscript study, iconographic investigation, and examination of instruments in Great Britain and Ireland.

Bachelor of Music, with honors, Oklahoma Baptist University, 1970.
Major in sacred music, with choral / vocal performance concentration, minor in piano.

Teaching Certification

Texas Education Agency Certification in Music Education, All-Level, University of Houston, 1983.


Areas of Expertise


Oral-Aural Musical Perception, Assimilation, Memory, Recall, and Refashioning (i.e., the centonate process). See  online dissertation abstract,  abstract and full text of forensic musicological investigation concerning the Titanic disaster, and bibliography of publications and presentations.

Computer-Assisted Comparative Analysis of Melodies from within Western Oral-Aural and Popular Traditions.   See  dissertation abstract and online summary of MelAnaly; also bibliography of publications and presentations.

Teaching of Musical Aural and Mnemonic Skills (since 1980), based on recognized principles of aural musical perception and non- or pre-literate musical learning and recall -- see  online dissertation abstract, bibliography of publications and presentations, and Elementary and Secondary Education Resume; see also under "Employment History," 1967-1970 and 1977 - present, below.


Consultation in interdisciplinary, multi-sensory music pedagogy, including curriculum planning and writing

Traditional Music of Celtic Britain and the Anglo-Celtic Diaspora in North America
See online
thesis abstract and dissertation abstract; also bibliography of publications and presentations.

History of Western Art Music and Historical Popular Music    See under "Employment History," 1974-1976, below; also under "University Degrees," above, and online Higher Education Resume.   See also online essays on Delius and Ketelbey and the bibliography of publications and presentations concerning work with the Vaughan Williams Folksong Manuscripts.

Live and Recorded Performance on the crwth (a sixteenth- through early eighteenth-century string instrument of the Welsh folk culture), for both educational and entertainment purposes    See online thesis abstract, also abstract of "Some Observations Regarding Crwth Performance" and online advertisement of crwth performance.

History of Bowed Western String Instruments   See online thesis abstract, also abstract of "Some Observations Regarding Crwth Performance" and online advertisement of crwth performance; additionally, see "Employment History," 1974 - present, below

Orchestral String Instrument Pedagogy: balanced approach focusing on music reading, with additional emphasis on ear-training, musical memory development, and tactile-kinesthetic skills. See online Elementary and Secondary Education Resume

Designing of Interdisciplinary Music Curricula (integration of music with language, mathematics, science, and general cultural history). See Elementary and Secondary Education Resume; also Higher Education Resume.


Employment History

1967-1970     Tutor in Ear-Training, Music Theory Department, Oklahoma Baptist University

1974-1976      Doctoral Teaching Fellow in Music History and Music Literature, University of North Texas. See Higher Education Resume.

1974-1977      Research Assistant to the President, University of Texas at Dallas        

Summer, 1976    Adjunct  Music History Faculty, University of North Texas. See Higher Education Resume.

1976 – present   Independent Scholar (research, presentation, publication), Composer, and Arranger. See online bibliography.                         

1977-1979       Performer on the crwth, with Young Audiences of Houston; independent performance both before and after those dates

1977-1980       Associate Educator, Houston Independent School District

1980 – present   Music Educator, Houston I.S.D. (Curriculum Writer since 1995). See  Elementary and Secondary Education Resume.

1996- present    Consultant in Forensic Musicology


Publications and Presentations

Online  Bibliography            List of Musical Compositions

Items of Special Relevance to Forensic Musicology:

“A Structured Method for the Teaching and Learning of Difficult Pieces and Passages”    Abstract

"And the Band Played On: Hypotheses Concerning What Music Was Performed Near the
Climax of the Titanic Disaster"    
Abstract         Full Text


Professional Affiliations

American Musicological Society

     Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia       

Pi Kappa Lambda Honor Fraternity

Texas Music Educators' Association

Texas Orchestra Directors' Association


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