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Abstract of M.Mus-Musicology Thesis - "The Welsh Crwth, Its History, and Its Genealogy"  ( University of North Texas, 1973 ). Copies of text and / or companion recording can be ordered from the author via e-mail (see link, above).
Abstract of Paper - "Some Observations Regarding Crwth Performance" (Read at the October, 1976, meeting of the Southwest Regional Chapter, American Musicological Society)

Crwth Performance Page - information concerning services as performer for live, filmed, and taped productions (lectures, recitals, plays, television, radio, cinema, recording, & c)

Crwth References -
select bibliography of relevant documents (thesis bibliography, plus additional items)


Pob un at ei grwth ei hwn.  (Each to his own fiddle.) -- old Welsh adage



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Dr. J. Marshall Bevil is a native of Houston, where he also currently lives. He is both a string music educator and a musicologist (B.Mus. with honors, Oklahoma Baptist University, 1970; M.Mus. - Musicology, University of North Texas, 1973; Ph.D. - Musicology, University of North Texas, 1984) with specialization in the history of bowed string instruments, oral-aural musical transmission, British and British-American folk music, and British academic music of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His doctoral dissertation has been published by University Microfilms, International (UMI No. 8423854, "Dissertation Services"), and he has published post-doctoral studies in professional journals and presented papers in his areas of specialization at regional, national, and international academic convocations in both the United States and Great Britain. He also is the author of encyclopedia articles on John Avery Lomax, Alan Lomax, and Percy Aldridge Grainger; and he has published on the Internet. In addition to his pedagogic and academic pursuits, he is a performer on the crwth, a composer and arranger for string and vocal ensembles (publications on, from December of 2004), and a forensic musicological consultant and expert witness  in copyright and intellectual property misappropriation disputes ( links:  1    2  )