J. Marshall Bevil, Ph.D. 
a Select List of Documents and Presentations


                    This list of writings and presentations is provided as a starting point for those interested in learning more about the Welsh crwth. It is drawn in considerable measure from the bibliography of the compiler's 1973 M.Mus-Musicology thesis (University of North Texas), but it also cites the compiler's post-degree presentations and a small number of other efforts from after 1973-1974.
                    Many years of activity as a research scholar have shown the compiler that no initial effort - or, for that matter, even a follow-up effort or two or three - can generate a truly comprehensive list. Further, even the most comprehensive of lists soon becomes dated and hence loses any cutting-edge status that it may have enjoyed. In addition, the task of compiling and keeping updated such a list is, for any one individual, onerous to the point of being impossible or very nearly so, especially when that person has been somewhat removed from the subject at hand for a number of years. Hence the compiler actively solicits contributions from other investigators concerning both their own efforts and labors by others that are deemed worthy of inclusion in a central index of references. All forms of presentation are valid, but online documents are of particular interest. To facilitate the continuous updating of this list, an e-mail link is provided at numerous points throughout this online document.
                    It also should be noted that not all works cited in this list contain direct references to the crwth, although a majority of them do. However, each listed work contains information that bears indirectly, if not directly, on the organological and/or social history or pre-history of the crwth.


Part 1: Works by the Compiler (Online Abstracts Highlighted)

Writings and Recordings:
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"The Welsh Crwth, Its History, and Its Genealogy" (Houston: Author, 1973); text of M.Mus-Musicology thesis,
                    University of North Texas, 1973.       ABSTRACT  AVAILABLE

"The Welsh Crwth, Its History, and Its Genealogy - Companion Recording" (Houston / Denton: Author, 1973 /
                    1974); tape accompanying M.Mus thesis (two editions).

"The Welsh Crwth, Its History, and Its Genealogy: Errata and Addenda" (Houston: Author, 1974-1977)
                    - running supplement.

Oral Presentation:

"Some Observations Regarding Crwth Performance," read at the October, 1976 meeting of the Southwest
                    Regional Chapter of the American Musicological Society, Southern Methodist University.     ABSTRACT AVAILABLE


Part 2: Works by Other Writers

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Museum Records:
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County Borough of Warrington (Lancs., U.K.) Museum and Art Gallery, Acquisition Card 655.

Welsh Folk Museum Acquisition Card 13.76 (P).

Welsh Folk Museum Acquisition Card 21.299.1 (G).

Welsh Folk Museum Acquisition Card 35.211.1 (L).

Welsh Folk Museum Acquisition Card 123.80 (P).



Dr. J. Marshall Bevil is a native of Houston, where he also currently lives. He is both a string music educator and a musicologist (B.Mus. with honors, Oklahoma Baptist University, 1970; M.Mus. - Musicology, University of North Texas, 1973; Ph.D. - Musicology, University of North Texas, 1984) with specialization in the history of bowed string instruments, oral-aural musical transmission, British and British-American folk music, and British academic music of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His doctoral dissertation has been published by University Microfilms, International (UMI No. 8423854, "Dissertation Services"), and he has published post-doctoral studies in professional journals and presented papers in his areas of specialization at regional, national, and international academic convocations in both the United States and Great Britain. He also is the author of encyclopedia articles on John Avery Lomax, Alan Lomax, and Percy Aldridge Grainger; and he has published on the Internet. In addition to his pedagogic and academic pursuits, he is a performer on the crwth, a composer and arranger for string and vocal ensembles (publications on Sibelius.com, from December of 2004), and a forensic musicological consultant and expert witness  in copyright and intellectual property misappropriation disputes ( links:  1    2  ). 

THESIS ABSTRACT   ("The Welsh Crwth, Its History, and Its Genealogy")
, "Some Observations Regarding Crwth Performance" (derivative paper)