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Welcome to the website of Lorraine Lica, freelance writer, editor, website builder, and information retriever for life and medical sciences.

This website features pages of interest to scientists and non-scientists, as it attempts to help bridge the gap between the "two cultures".

For scientists, this website will offer a series of writing tips, starting with an explanation of the distinction between "which" and "that" complete with figures.

Non-scientists may want to look at some essays I've written about health and medicine.

"Be Your Own Medical Advocate," an approach to overseeing your own health, encouraging concrete knowledge of human biology and your own body, will be especially for people with little or no background in biomedical science, too. It will include compelling information about the importance of being your own medical advocate and guidelines on how to go about it.

Currently, the Flower Gallery features delightful flowers produced by common everyday vegetables. Look for a gallery of fancy hibiscuses in the near future.

Anyone who needs the services of someone with heaps of expertise in biological and medical sciences and the English language, who can write, edit, construct webpages, shoot pictures, create graphics, will want to look at my resume and writing samples.

as described by C.P. Snow in The Two Cultures: and a Second Look, published in 1963 by Cambridge University Press.

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If you would like more information, please send email to me at llica@earthlink.net.

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