Gleanings from the Sun, Genealogical Abstracts from the Twillingate Sun
© copyright 1988 by Michael A. Bromley
Used by permission

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The book covers the period from 1880 to 1894. "The work presents the people mentioned in the Sun in an alphabetical order and groups them in 5 categories: Births, Marriages, Deaths, Miscellanea and Occupations." ... "The researcher should use this work as a guide only and review the original text to validate the information to his/her satisfaction".

I've included here, with the permission of Mr. Bromley, only certain surnames (Anstey, Batstone, Langdo(w)n, Knight, Marsh, Newhook, Strong, and Wells). The people listed don't necessarilly have a proven connection to anyone in my family tree. I have used brackets [ ] to point out my corrections to the original text.

All dates are assumed to be the 1800's. The date on the left is the issue date of the Twillingate Sun newspaper.


14Nov91 Anstey, James, a son to him 8Nov91. Of Back Hbr
11Dec86 Anstey, Elias, a son on 4Dec86
6Apr83 Anstey, Philip, a dau born 15Mar83. Of Purcell's Hbr
10Feb81 Ansty, Thomas, a son to him 9Feb81
29Jul80 Knight, P. D., on 20Jul80 a dau @ SJ
6Feb92 Wells, Edward of Back Hr, a son on 30Jun92


9Jan92 Adams, William to Fanny Wells on 1Jan92
16Nov83 Anstey, Abraham, of Green Island Cove, to Mary Ann Wells (TW) @ EXP (no date)
26Oct83 Anstey, Edward to Lavinia Oxford 22Oct83. Of Purcell's Hr
1May86 Anstey, Joseph of Hearts Cove to Elizabeth Hellier (Platters Hd) on 22Apr86
8Jan87 Anstey, Joseph of TW to Olivia Clarke on 31Dec86
26Oct83 Anstey, Peter of Purcell's Hr to Rosanna James [Jeans] on 22Oct83
5Jan83 Ansty, Alfred of Purcell's Hr to Sarah Powell on 8Nov82
2Nov83 Ball, Daniel of EXP to Mary Langdon (EXP) on 24Oct83
16Nov83 Burt, Thomas of Sampsons Isle to Fanny Anstey on 31Oct83
12Oct83 Cull, Abraham of Shoal Bay to Eliza Wells (JB Arm) on 1Oct83
16Nov83 Earle, Thomas of Farmers Arm to Agnes Anstey (Purcell's) on 11Nov83
19Dec91 Hannam, John to Janet Marsh @ LT (no date)
26May94 Hawkins, Walter of Jenkins Cove to Mary Jane Anstey (Purcell's) on 23May94
21Jul81 Heyfield, Rev Jessie of Channel to Selina Knight, dau of Thomas (SJ) on 12Jul81 @ SJ
27Feb92 King, Henry of Change Isles to Adelaide Wells on 19Feb92
1Dec82 Langdon, Richard, of NW Arm, to Elizabeth Ann Ball, dau of John, on 3Nov82
2Dec80 Ledrew, Wm John of Change I. to Elizabeth Wells on 8Nov80
28Oct81 Little, James of BNV to Mary Wells, dau of Thomas, on 19Oct81
26Oct83 March [Marsh], Joseph to Joanna Anstey on 22Oct83
10Nov82 Philpott, William of Purcell's Hr to Harriet Anstey on 23Oct82
6Jan82 Pond, John of Farmers Arm to Mary Anstey (Paradise) on 29Dec81
2Nov83 Strong, Albert to Elizabeth Bussey on 20Oct83 @ SJ
19Jun86 Strong, Job of Harry's Hr to Ruth Appleton (Indian Burying Place) on 5Jun86
12Oct83 Wells, Stephen of JB Arm to Elizabeth Freake on 1Oct83
19Jun86 Wills, Robert of TW to Emily Jane Anstey (TW) on 9Jun86
16Nov83 Winsor, Andrew of Triton to Harriet Langdowne on 3Nov83


6Jun91 Anstey, Annie on 23May91, age 21. @ Little Bay. Dau of George
28Mar91 Anstey, Maryanne Pride on 24Mar91, age 3. Dau of James / Rowena
12Dec91 Anstey, Thomas on 31Oct91, age 20 @ Little Bay Island
7Jan88 Ansty, Georgina on 4Jan88, age 7 @ Hearts Cove of diptheria, dau of Jane
5Jan83 Ansty, James Jr. on 25Dec82, age 42
7Jan88 Ansty, Lloyd on 3Jan88, age 14 @ Hearts Cove of Diptheria, dau [son] of Jane
14Mar91 Ansty, Lydia, wife of Thos, @ Purcell's, age 59. (no date)
25Jul91 Ansty, Mathias on 19Jul91, age 24, son of Samuel
31Jul86 Batstone, James of Jackson's Cove, on 19Jul86, age 65
9Nov83 Knight, Edward on 1Nov83 @ SJ, age 69
25Sep86 Knight, Phoebe @ Nippers Hr (no date)
19Sep91 Langdown, Arthur & Priscilla drowned on 15Sep91 when Schnr Blossom lost
19Sep91 Marsh, Joseph drowned on 15Sep91
9Jun88 Strong, [Mrs] Solomon of Three Arms on 13Apr88
24Mar94 Strong, Solomon of Three Arms, age 85 (no date). Native of TW
14Mar91 Wells, Alice Eugenie, dau of Sergeant / Mary, of LB on 26Feb91, age 7 mos
15Jul80 Wells, John on 9Jul80, age 82
9Jan92 Wells, Philip of Crow Head / Back Hr on 25Dec91, age 70
14Feb91 Wells, Robert, son of Wm / Mary J, on 13Feb91, age 9
19Nov92 Wells, Samuel of Crow Head / Back Hr on 13Nov92 @ Fogo
13Jan81 Wells, Susan, wife of Philip of Back Hr on 31Dec80, age 52
30Jun83 Wells, William of TW on 15May83, age 66. Native of TW


6Jan81 Anstey, Elias of St Peters Lodge
11Dec86 Anstey, John of Crosby Lodge #30
20Jan83 Anstey, Joseph of North Start Lodge
6Apr83 Anstey, Robert hurt in gun accident. Brother, James
6Jan81 Anstey, Samuel member of St Peters Lodge
26May94 Anstey, Samuel, fisherman
18Sep86 Anstey, William, road commr for LB Island
2Oct86 Anstey, William, road commr for Black Island
2Mar83 Ansty, Mrs James, of Purcell's, selling trap skiff.
25Sep86 Ansty, Samuel, grand jury member
29May94 Following persons donated to unfortunate J. Dowland: ... Samuel Anstey ...
27Jan83 Following persons donated to unfortunate M. Brett: John, Samuel Jr., Samuel & Thomas Anstey ...
28Apr88 Following persons were donees of Dorcas Society: ... Richard Anstey ...
12May94 Batstone, Corbet, Fanny & John at church program
10Nov94 Batstone, James R. & John, rd [road] commr for Jackson's Cove
18Sep86 Batstone, John Robert, rd [road] commr for Jackson's Cove
18Sep86 Batstone, John, rd [road] commr for Three Arms / Wild Cove
12Jan83 Batstone, R. & T. of Pilot's Lodge. Of Nippers Hr?
18Sep86 Batstone, Robert, road commr, Button Hole Cove
18Sep86 Knight, Henry, road commr for Jacksons Cove
10Nov94 Knight, Henry, road commr for Jacksons Cove
28Jul88 Knight, James L., Surveyor, Codroy
27Oct82 Knight, Thomas subscribed to church fund, Moreton's Hr
27Jun82 Marsh, George owned boat that Thomas Way rented before drowning
18Sep86 Marsh, George, road commr, LT
11Dec86 Marsh, William of Purcell's, & Crosby Lodge #30
6Oct94 Newhook, L., selling land at Jackson Cove
7May92 Strong, Adolphe, participant in LB church program
10Nov94 Strong, Frederick on road bd [board], Three Arms
7May92 Strong, Helena, participant in LB church program
10Nov94 Strong, Henry on road bd [board], Three Arms
7May92 Strong, J. participant in church program
10Dec81 Strong, James of LBI, JP & Surveyor / 16Dec81 shop burnt
21Aug86 Strong, Joseph of LBI, JP, selling lobster factory
7May92 Strong, M., participant in church program
7May92 Strong, Minnie, organist, Band of Hope / 8Jan87 of Crystal Stream Band of Hope
12May94 Strong, G. (Miss) at church program
12May94 Strong, Thomas at church program
18Sep86 Strong, William, road commr, LBI
28Apr88 Following people were helped by or donated to Dorcas Society: ... Hannah Strong ...
12May94 Wells, Fanny, participant in church program
12May94 Wells, Janet, participant in church program
10Nov94 Wells, Job, road commr, Pilley's I.
8Jul80 Wells, Thomas of Sons of Temperance Society
27Jan83 Following individuals donated to unfortunate M. Brett: ... Samuel Wells, Sergeant T. E. Wells, Thomas H. Wells ...
28Apr88 Following individuals donated to or were helped by the Dorcas Society: ... Martha Wells ...


12Sep91 Anstey, James, Mstr of the Rosalie
4Sep86 Ansty, John, Mstr of the Guerilla
19Sep91 Marsh, Joseph Mstr of Blossom
25Sep86 Wells, Philip, Mstr, St John ?
27Jan83 Wells, Samuel, Mstr, Endurance

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