Kevin Clark Deal


December 16, 1968 - July 25, 1995

Kevin Deal completed four films from 1989 - 1995. He had always composed the original music for all his films which have been screened in festivals or venues across the country and in Europe. In 1991 "Symphonia de Erosus" recieved a Golden Gate Award in the San Francisco International Film festival. In 1994 "Dream Cantata" was screened on Canadian television (CBC Manatoba). Kevin's completed 16mm films are available from Canyon Cinema. Unless otherwise noted, the film descriptions collected here were written by Kevin himself.


1989, 16mm color/sound, 6m




The corporate control of the state and its idiological hegemonyduring the late 20th century continues to produce phenomena like reification, fetishizationand alienation. This period is punctuated by the increase of media monopolies and corporate mind control. Thus the role of the politically and/or environmentally inclined media artist becomes more important as well as threatened. CONDEMNATION is an attempt to explorepersonal and social alienation. Almost a personal documentary, the film uses motion graphics and stream of consciousness editing to express the filmmaker's unique vision. Inspired by governmental and corporate injustices, CONDEMNATION comments on current media by using high speed imagery and transition as image. Finally it confronts the viewer demanding action, emphasizing that the decisions which are made today are not reversable.

Meditation IV

Meditation IV is a journey through inner landscapes and different differnt levels of consciousness. By utilizing 3-D comuter animation, video-to-film transfer and travelling mattes, the film invetigates the media artist caught between nature and technology as well as the birth of spirituality during the filmic process.

1989, 16mm, color/sound, 5m

Symphonia de Erosus 


1991, 16mm, color/sound, 15m


SYMPHONIA DE EROSUS is a meditation on nature and our relationships with it. Organized like a visual symphony, it attempts to explore the ectsasy that results in total submersionin the lines of nature and the utter tragedy that occures with the removal of these lines.

The first movement, Prima Materia, is a study on the relationships between the elements. The second movement, Mercurius Duplex, is an exploration into the double-sided aspects of human nature - at once positive and negative - and the terrible effects our society's rejection of nature has had. The third movement, Quadrantura Circuli, is a declaration of a spiritual life, free of confining dogma and guilt. At the same time, Circuli is a "suggestion" for a positive role for technology - safe in the hands of the artist.

 Dream Cantata

1993, 16mm, color/sound, 13m




 DREAM CANTATA is a journey through the landscapes of my dreaming life. The film explores the collective unconscious as a societal and environmental form of checks and balances. By including imagery from dreams that deal with environmentalmisuse and apocalyptic situations, DREAM CANTATA is a direct exprsession of the collective unconscious as an environmental "whistle blower." The film also contains historical places that are often visited in my dreams as my unconscious tries to give validity to my life by placing it in time and space. Filmed mostly in Louisiana.

"A visually lush journey through the landscapes of the maker's dreaming life, Dream Cantata explores the unconcious state as a barometer of societal and environmental imbalance and how dreams inform and influence our waking lives." - 1993 Film Arts Foundation Festival Program

Symphonia de Sierra, (unfinished)

Filmed on location in the wilderness of Kings Canyon, Sequoia, Yosimite National Parks and Stanislaus, Tahoe National Forests. "Symphonia de Sierra" is a year spent backpacking and filming in the Sierra.

1994-95, 16mm, color/sound, 18m


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