Kevin Deal

Personal Manifesto



I approach music through the heart. Usually the most evocative pieces contain the most meaning for me. No art form can express a person's emotions and spirituality better than music. Of course this does not apply to all forms of music, but it does for most serious higher music. These questions revolve around intent and all music usually contains some sort of emotion. What emotions they contain can vary to a degree equal to that of human emotions. Often one or to two pieces of music can represent the state of my spirituality at any given time. Whether my own or someone else's, it helps add meaning and direction to my life. I often listen to music I once listened to more frequently and glimpse those days, feeling them once again. So for me music is closely tied to memory. Works from the past embody those times like no other artistic endeavors and those days live on in that music. Sometimes I fear that in many years I will listen to those pieces which where the most evocative of their times and contain the strongest emotions and just cry for those lost days of youth and freedom.

I compose to express myself. But I also use it as a tool in my other artistic endeavors. Most of the music I make is to be used in conjunction with film and video. Currently I am making a film about the Sierra Nevada. Through the music for the film I can share the ecstasy that I feel while surrounded by the dense forests and glaciated mountains of the "Range of Light".

For me one of the greatest tragedies of modern music is the loss of community. In earlier times music was an activity which a family or a group of friends did together. Today most people have no musical skills and the electronic mediums have made music almost too available that it has lost most of its sacred attributes and in many ways has become another commodity or a tool for the corporate capitalist machine. Of course there are always exceptions, but even the concert goer has not much experience of community at the event. They are only another nameless face in the crowd.


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