Kevin Clark Deal

December 16, 1968 - July 25, 1995

Kevin Deal was a dear friend of mine who died a tragically in the prime of his short life. Kevin was an artist, filmmaker and composer whom I had the privilege of partying with for many years. We made films and collaborated as a group a fellow artists and friends. We all met at CCAC (California College of Arts and Crafts) in Oakland as Film/Video/Performance majors. A core group of us, namely Alfonso Alvarez, Steve Dye, Jerome Cook and I organized an annual series of film shows featuring recent completed experimental films at Ghostown Gallery in 1990, Diesel - A Bookstore in 1991, and a Sin-e-ma show at the newly remodeled Nahl Hall at CCAC in 1992.

Optical printing, traveling mattes, audio sampling and mixing, rhythmic montages of images and sounds -- independent 16mm films and videos completed by individual artists each with their own unique expression, yet influenced by each others ideas. Kevin's dense influences revealed both a dark and bright side within his image-making process. His deep roots were in the bayous of old gothic New Orleans, yet he transcended it all as he climbed the tallest peaks of the California Sierras.

At the time of his death he had been working on his film Symphonia de Sierra which is his unfinished swan song. It is beautiful time lapse meditation on nature, technology and spirituality. Workprints, his uncut negative, and several versions of the soundtrack he composed on DAT cassettes are his legacy to his uncompleted symphony.

His heartbroken parents could'nt deal with all his many boxes of videotapes, films, audio tracks and computer files which we saved from from the dumpster. The important messages and feeling within Kevin's work can be found upon viewing any of films, which are available from Canyon Cinema. I hope one day his collected works in film, video and audio will be available for viewing and listening.

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The drawing above of Kevin is a self portrait he completed on an unknown date.
- 2001