Larry Kless 
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But who am I you may ask?

I am an artist, film and videomaker, musician, technologist, Broadcast Production Manager of the Multimedia department for the largest non-profit HMO in the USA.


My background is in Fine Arts in Film/Video/Performance and painting.

My favorite artists are surrealists.

In my past life I produced short experimental films and videos.


Although now I spend most of my time on the professional and domestic fronts. I was President of the Board of Directors from 1997-99 for Canyon Cinema, renowned experimental film distribution organization.

I have a few free megs of web space from Earthlink, so check me out!


I try to update this web site when I can,


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Do you like comic books?



Check out my mini tribute to Marvel® Silver Age Comics.



The hand is the most powerful tool of our hearts and mind.

Keep your hands healthy and check out my brother-sister-in-law's

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I pay tribute to the loving memory and livication of my friends Kevin Deal and Will Weintraub.

And to the memory of Bob Bodine, a great leader and mentor.

Also a special thanks and deadication to

Jerry Garcia

and Positive Vibrations to

Bob Marley


Last updated February 18, 2005


With thanks and praises.. ;-) LK



"I just gotta rock!"

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