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Film Information Sheet


(This form is for NEW films/tapes only, not for films that have already been listed in previous catalogs or supplements)


Please Copy this form for each new submission.


Filmmaker's Name _______________________________________________

Date Submitted __________________________________________________


Film/Video Title _________________________________________________


Film/Video Date__________________________________________________


Gauge (please circle) R-8, S-8, 16mm, 35mm, VHS NTSC


Please circle characteristics that apply.

Color, B+W, Silent, Optical Sound, Magnetic Sound, Separate Cassette


Tape: Stereo, Mono


FILM Rental Fee _________________________________________________

(Canyon Cinema suggests $3-5/per minute and no rental less than $20--Filmmaker share is 60 % on film rentals)


Video Sale price______________

(Filmmaker share is 60 % on video sales Canyon Cinema does NOT rent


Photos can be included with your film description. 1/3 page(5x7) $40,

1page(8x10) $100 ( One photo per space )


Canyon Cinema also requests a VHS tape for preview purposes.


Included material in this package:

(To be listed in the catalog, we must receive at least one 16mm print and/or one copy of videotape for sale.)



Film/Video Description. (150 words TYPED ONLY or less, including a awards and screenings)


Please attach a Typed 250-300 word Biography, personal /artistic statement that will be printed as an introduction to your work in Catalog #8.


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