Canyon Cinema, Inc.



To: Shareholders of Canyon Cinema

CC: Canyon Board of Directors

From: Dominic Angerame, Canyon Cinema Executive Director
and from David Sherman, Adminstrative Director


Date: May 7, 1998

Subject: Canyon Cinema Catalog #8 Announcement

I am writing to inform Canyon Cinema shareholders that we have altered our plans to publish a 1998 supplement. I am happy to announce that funds have been received to publish a new 450 page catalog rather than just a supplement. This message is to report to you of the change in our strategy, the new criteria for submission and deadlines, new ideas in design and content, and the process we have developed to produce the catalog.

On April 13, 1998, the San Francisco Arts Commission announced that Canyon Cinema was awarded a grant in the amount of $11,250 for the publication of a major new catalog. David Sherman and I wrote this grant some months ago and at that time the prospects of receiving any funding seemed very slim. Concurrently, the process was already in place to produce a new supplement and not a catalog based upon Canyon's financial reality. There were enough funds in the Catalog Account to publish a supplement and as a result, many of you have already submitted materials.

However, since this award from the SF Arts Commission recoups the loss of funding from the National Endowment for the Arts our plans have changed. The decision has been made by the Board and Staff not to publish a supplement and concentrate efforts to publish a major new catalog.

The proposal I first presented at our recent Annual Shareholders meeting in April is as follows: The projected budget for the catalog is for 3000 copies of a 450 page illustrated volume. The estimated costs for the entire project is approximately $40,000. I estimate sufficient funding for this project with the current funds in the Catalog Account added with grant from the SF Arts Commission, distribution fees, and expected advertisement and photo space that will be sold in the catalog. I expect that if production could begin in August 1998, the finished volume could be out by the fall of 1999.

The Board and Staff are very pleased at this change in events and we are in now in the planning phase. We developed a Catalog Committee to deal with the production process and on issues of content and design. This committee was organized at of our Annual Shareholders meeting and has recently met and made certain recommendations to the Board. Several very difficult and hard decisions have been made. I have outlined the ten major points below:

1) No changes can be made in the descriptions and text of film/tapes listed in Catalog #7, and the 1992-95 supplements. These previous descriptions have already been input into the computer and proofread. Rewriting or amending previous descriptions will increase the budget beyond the means currently available. Although we would like to accommodate you otherwise, we do not have the funds to pay for the added increase in labor costs.


2) NEW FEATURE FOR CATALOG #8 AVAILABLE TO ALL FILMMAKERS. This new volume will have the space to allow each filmmaker an introductory statement consisting of 250-300 words that should be used for biographical information, artistic statements, and information that can be used for program materials or exhibition. This space can also be used to clarify past descriptions of previous films listed. ALL FILMMAKERS PLEASE SEND THIS IMPORTANT MATERIAL FOR INCLUSION INTO CATALOG #8.


3) New rental fees and sale fees may be changed and included in this volume. We encourage all filmmakers to rent their films for no less that $2 per minute, and it is recommended that no films be charged less than $20. Many filmmakers are charging up to $3 per minute for their films and most renters are accepting such prices. Current sale prices for video tapes range anywhere from $1-$5 per minute for sale to individuals, and triple this amount to institutions. Canyon Cinema does not rent videotapes.


4) Filmmakers may submit as many photos as they wish for the new catalog. Photo space for films, both old and new films will still be sold at the rates of $40 per 1/3 page and $100 for a full page. One photo only will be accepted for each of these dimensions.


5) The Catalog Committee will design a new format for the new catalog. At this time we cannot confirm the actual dimensions of the photographs. However, we request that photos for 1/3 page be submitted in a 5"x7" format and full page photos be submitted in 8"x 10" format. While every attempt to maintain the integrity of the illustration, the editors reserve the right to scale, reduce, enlarge or crop images in order to fit the catalog design. If there are major problems filmmakers will be contacted. Illustrations should be B&W photos or black ink line drawings. Please, no illustrations from printed material and no collage work.


6) Deadline for receipt of new films, descriptions, and photographs for the new catalog must reach Canyon Cinema by September 1, 1998. All prints and tapes must be received before they can be listed in the new catalog. Descriptions for new films/tapes cannot exceed 150 words and the editors reserve the right to edit text that exceeds this amount. Tapes submitted for sale must be VHS copies only.


7) All hand written or typed descriptions for new films/tapes deposited should be submitted according to the standard Film Information Sheet. click here to see the Film Information Sheet.


8) Descriptions for new films may be submitted electronically through email to (plain text only, no attched files permitted.) The editors reserve the right to reject any descriptions not submitted in the standards requested in points 7 and 8. These standards will cut down time and labor costs for the Production Manager and proofreader.


9) Any shareholder arrears in distribution fees will not have their films listed in the new catalog. This applies only to shareholders who have been previously notified.


10) The Catalog Committee consists of myself, David Sherman, Larry Kless, Sandra Davis, Alfonso Alvarez and Anna Geyer. We are investigating ways in which to completely redesign the look of the catalog and create packages of films for rental. Also included will be several articles about experimental filmmaking and a short historical statement about Canyon Cinema. The Catalog Committee will work to develop these plans and keep the shareholders informed regarding decisions in these areas.


Finally, as in the past, our filmmakers may submit illustrations, drawings, photographs, and other artwork to be considered as a possible choice for the front and back covers of the catalog. Deadline for receipt of such materials is also September 1, 1998.


In summary, the grant awarded to Canyon Cinema has come very unexpectedly and the timing is perfect. The completion date for this new volume is expected to be in the fall of 1999 allowing Canyon to usher in the new century in an exciting and positive way. Both the Staff and Board of Directors are optimistic about the future of the Corporation based on receiving this generous grant. Please be sure to read over the new details about submissions of new work, your help will make this catalog a landmark in Canyon's history. We thank all our shareholders who believed that this project could be manifested by donating funds to the publication.




Dominic Angerame
Executive Director
For the Staff and Board of Canyon Cinema



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