Bruce Baillie

New Video Masters Available!!

Canyon Cinema founder Bruce Baillie announces the release of new videotape master dubs of the following films..

Quick Billy

The experience of Transformation between life and death. death and birth, or rebirth in four reels...

1967-70 16mm, color/so. 70 minutes

On Sundays

First film, shot in San Francisco-combination documentary and fantasy, partly portraying a lovely friend, Miss Wong.

"remembering a potentiality of life which has been overgrown by civilization" - Jung

1960-61, 16mm, b&w/so. 27 minutes


and coming soon...

From the "Holy Scrolls Collection"

The Holy Scrolls*. 16mm Archives - hitherto unseen films, spanning 35 years. Semi-edited, silent, spliced, prepared for a few special showings. Three years' work assembling five shows, 12 hours total. Completed 2-98. Includes program notes, dates, etc., and 10-minute introductory video with author commenting on films, video inserts from more recent life, family, etc. The complete Roslyn Romance, never released, as well as Day Ashore with Paul Tulley, 60's Berkeley/San Francisco. The Cardinal's Visit (80's), etc.

* (So-named by Paul Arthur).

All are available for sale on NTSC VHS format. Prices are negotiable, contact Bruce Baillie through Canyon Cinema.


Bruce Baillie is renowned as one of the "founding fathers" of the San Francisco experimental film community. His many personal films are distributed by Canyon Cinema and have been acknowleged as national treasures in the National Registry of Films in the Library of Congress.

For more extensive information on Bruce Baillie, visit his Geocities web page at:

or email Canyon Cinema.


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