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Canyon Cinema is the most successful and enduring organization of filmmakers dedicated to the distribution, promotion, education and preservation of motion picture film as an art form. Canyon Cinema was born in 1961, in filmmaker Bruce Baillie's backyard as a venue of alternative cinema. Since 1966, Canyon Cinema has served the international filmmaking community as a leading distributor and access facility of experimental and independent films.


The Canyon Cinema 2000 Film/Video Catalog #8

The new Canyon Cinema 2000 catalog is now available from Canyon Cinema for $35.00 (include $3.00 S/H; $18.00 overseas.) At almost 500 pages this massive volume lists over 4000 films and videos by 370 filmmaker members.

Order your copy by email today!!

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  Check out Robert Daniel Flowers amazing "Funhouse"!
  Check out Canyon Cinema founder Bruce Baillie's updated homepage. He has new video masters of his classic experimental films available!
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  Frameworks archive -- a browseable archive of the Frameworks mailing list, where provocative issues surrounding alternative cinema are discussed and debated.

   Canyon Catalog 7 (circa 1992) is available on oVid

What is oVid?

oVid is an internet database for experimental film and video art. As a universal index which, as of yet, does not exist in this field. oVid will support distribution, research and publications.


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