New Orleans People and Culture


1. Cultural Diversity in New Orleans:
This site will give you a description of the diversity in the types of people found in New Orleans. This reading will also explain why New Orleans is such an unusual city.
Original Source: The People and Culture of New Orleans

2. Marie Laveau:
This site describes the cemetery plot of an infamous New Orleans resident, Marie Laveau. You'll see a picture of her tomb and read about her life. Find out the following information:
a. Her birthplace
b. The number of times she was married
c. The number of children she had
d. What do believers do when they visit her tomb?
e. What is interesting or strange about New Orleans cemeteries?

3. Free People of Color and Creoles: Click on History. Then, click on this title.
Read the selection. Then, come back to this page and answer the following questions:
a. True or False - Free people of color were mixed Africans.
b. True or False - Whites were considered Creoles.
c. True or False - Slaves could earn their freedom by paying their owners.
d. True or False - Free people of color were educated.

For more information about New Orleans:
New Orleans.Com
New Orleans On-Line

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