This page gives you an introduction to the music of the New Orleans area. There are links to the original sources if you want to read more.

To begin, click on a topic below.


Choose 1 of the following musicians and find out more information about that person:
Jelly Roll Morton:
1. How did Jelly Roll Morton make money?
2. Why did he change bands so often?
3. When did he begin publishing his music?
4. What was the name of his band?
5. Why didn't he remain successful?

b. Louis Armstrong:
1. Read the biography. Find 8 interesting facts about Louis Armstrong.

c. The Neville Brothers Website:
This website gives a thorough biography of a New Orleans family band, the Neville Brothers. First, click on the worksheet and skim the questions - Neville Brothers Worksheet Then, go to the website and read the biography. Finally, go back and answer the questions on the worksheet. If you prefer, print the worksheet.
For more information on the Neville Brothers: The Neville Brothers Home Page

d. The Mississippi River Project
This is a music project that focuses on communities along the Mississippi River from the most northern part to the most southern part. Click on the links to read more about music in Louisiana.

For more information about New Orleans and Louis Armstrong:
New Orleans.Com
New Orleans On-Line
Louis Armstrong

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