Sarah, Plain and Tall - Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

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Pg. 28 "...and she shouted and shook her fist at the turkey buzzards that came from nowhere to eat it." (Anna)
Pg. 30 "Are you scared , Sarah?" (Caleb)
Pg. 31 "At last Papa slid down, too, as the sky grew darker and the stars blinked like fireflies.."
Pg. 31-32 Sliding down our dune of hay is almost as fine as sliding down the sand dunes into the sea". (Sarah)


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Pg. 29 "Windmill was my first word," said Caleb.
Pg. 29 "Mine was flower," I said. "What was yours, Sarah?"
"Dune,"said Sarah."
Pg. 30 "Next to the barn was Papa's mound of hay for bedding, ..." (Anna)
Pg. 30 "Papa piled a bed of loose hay below with his pitchfork." (Anna)

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